Products You Should Swap To Reduce Cluttering In Your Home

Are you attempting to save money and declutter your home? Replacing your throwaway items with reusable ones is a simple way to address both of these issues. Yes, there is a little initial cost, but over time, you can save a significant amount of money. We did mention that because you’re producing less garbage, it’s better for the environment. Here are seven inexpensive and clutter-reducing product substitutions.

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Products You Should Swap To Reduce Cluttering In Your Home

Silicone Storage Bags for Disposable Plastic Items

There is no denying that plastic storage bags make life easier, whether they are used to pack shampoo for a trip or leftovers from dinner. Sadly, you can only use them once or twice. Therefore, replacing them with silicone bags is a wise choice.

Remember that while purchasing reusable bags made of plastic rather than silicone will save you a few dollars, cleaning them can be a chore. you satisfy all of your storage needs, make sure you get a variety of sizes!

Wool Dryer Balls for Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can leave a coating on items like towels that you really don’t want because it reduces absorbency. They are also bad for the environment and not always the best choice for specific loads of laundry. They’re simply not always a required expense for many.

A significantly better alternative is wool dryer balls. They are not only a one-time investment that lasts a long time, but they can also speed up the drying process of bulky things like bed sheets since they generate air gaps between garments. They might also aid in preventing sheets from balling up.

Consider adding a few drops of laundry or essential oil to your dryer balls if you miss the smell of dryer sheets.

Swedish Dishcloths for Paper Towels

Most of us use more paper towels than we probably care to admit, whether we’re cleaning up after spilled milk or dusting off our bookcases. This has an effect on the environment and our pocketbooks. Swedish dishcloths are a far better option than conventional paper towels. Simply place them in the washing machine after you’re finished.

Disposable bottle brushes with silicone bristles

Cleaning those bottles is vital because those grimy crevices can harbor mold and bacteria, whether you’re a hydration junkie with a sizable Stanley collection or you have a newborn who is still drinking from bottles. Using a silicone bottle brush is as simple as using a throwaway one. Even better, the dishwasher can simply remove it.

Scrubby Silicone for Loofah

It appears like the loofah hanging on your shower caddy has seen better days. But you simply replaced it, didn’t you? Use a reusable silicone scrubber as an alternative. Compared to its disposable version, it is simpler to clean and rinse (just place it on the top rack of your dishwasher). Because those small loofah pores may harbor bacteria and even mold, it’s also significantly more hygienic. Whoa.

French Press for Pod-Based Machines

Those pods are convenient, but they really take up a lot of drawer space. They also have a tendency to accumulate in your trashcan. Furthermore, those devices take up countertop space as well. Instead, how about using a chic French press or a moka pot? You may keep your coffee grounds in a stylish glass canister within the cabinets, and they seem much more organized.

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