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Places You Should Never Get Tattoos On

With tattoos becoming a more popular fashion trend in today’s culture, it’s important to consider not only what to do when getting a tattoo, but also what not to do. In this situation, we’re talking about places on your body where getting tattooed isn’t a good idea.

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This is significant since tattoos on specific body areas are prone to blurring and fading. Don’t waste your money, your time, or your agony by getting a tattoo just to have it fade away! Instead, follow our recommendations to stay out of trouble.

Places You Should Never Get Tattoos On

Hand’s top

This location is ideal for tattooing. Beautiful hand tattoos have been created in our shop. However, getting a tattoo in this location requires a major commitment: you’ll have to keep your hand as still as possible for 7 days. If you don’t, the quality of your tattoo will undoubtedly suffer.

Tattoos on feet

The foot can be a good site for a tattoo, but it also presents some complications.


Fingers have a proclivity for fading. You should only get a tattoo here if you’re willing to pay for touch-ups on a regular basis (maybe every one or two years).

The hand

Here, the skin is very thick and moves a lot. Never get a palm tattoo unless you are willing to commit your entire body to tattoos and couldn’t care less.

Foot on the side

Tattoos become significantly more prone to complications when they approach the edge of the foot. The skin is much thicker here, making it increasingly difficult for the ink to take hold. To compensate, tattoo artists may try to push their needles further, which isn’t ideal. Blowing out may occur if the ink penetrates too deeply into the skin.

In the ear canal

Tattoos behind the ear are prone to blurring and color loss. For this area, I’d recommend sticking to more minimalist styles. Even after that, be prepared to touch up your tattoo.

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