Natural Ways To Get Thick EyeBrows

Thick Eyebrows: Not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows though a lot of people wish to have them both male and female. As such people in some cases end up trying hair growth cream or treatment in an attempt to get thick eyebrows.

Using stuff like that is not safe and advisable that’s why you should use the natural ways which are safe and very reliable.

You can get thicker eyebrows the natural way using things you already have at home so you don’t need to spend money unnecessarily.

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What To Use

Coconut oil

This oil is contains essential nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids, all of which stimulate dormant hair follicles and promote faster hair growth.  Massaging the area around your eyebrows regularly with coconut oil to moisturise and hydrate the area and prevent further damage to the delicate brow hair.

Olive oil

This is another essential oil that aids hair growth apply regularly on your eye brows and watch grow thick.

Onion juice

Onion juice is very reliable when it comes to hair growth so ofcourse you can also make use of it to grow your eye brow just make sure you are careful so it does not get into your eyes.

Castor oil

This is perhaps a very common yet effective way to grow your thick eyebrows naturally. Castor oil contains about 90% ricinoleic acid and that is what helps promote hair growth. But castor oil may sometimes cause an allergic reaction and therefore it would be wiser to patch test it before applying it to your eyebrows.

These are natural oils that will help grow your eyebrows very thick without side effects and budget free give this a try at home, also ensure to use them frequently to see better results.

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