Mrs Haja Zainab Storms NYSC Orientation Camp Wamakko, Sokoto State

Mrs Haja Zainab Storms NYSC Orientation Camp Wamakko, Sokoto State

The event was anchor by a team from the orientation led omalo

At around 6 PM, the corp members where seated, waiting for the Regional Director, Mrs Haja Zainab to grace the event.

Before she mounted the podium, her Biography was read to the corp members.

Hajah Zainab was birthed in April 1965, and she obtained her first degree in English Education at the University of Maiduguri.

In June 19th 2020, she became the NYSC Regional Director in North West.

At exactly 6pm, she arrived the camp and was warmly welcomed by the quarter guard together with the Man-O-War and other camp officials.

The Camp Director Mr….. Welcomed her and also briefed her on the recent activities on which the camp operates.

In his statement, his biggest challenges are Shortage of staffs and the camp hall stressing that the camp hall is too small to accommodate all cope members.

He also urge the Regional Director, Haja Zainab to do something about it.

Hajah Zainab, in her reply, asks the State Coordinator to mount pressure on the State Government for such desires to be accomplished as only the State Government has the capacity to perform such task.

Furthermore, she encouraged and prays that the parents of the corp members will reap the fruit of their labour.

During the proceedings, she pointed out the important programs of the NYSC which includes;

  • Orientation Program
  • Posting to PPA
  • ¬†Identifying the common needs in the community you are serving
  • Passing and Winding out activities

She also stressed that redeployment could only be achieved on two (2) grounds which are;

  • Life-Threatening Issue and on Marital ground.

Also, she reprehends those who go as far as fabricating life-threatening sickness for themselves to desist from such activities for them not to destroy themselves.

Talking about the corp member’s allowances, she promised that it would be paid in time.

She also made the corp members know that they will be posted based on their specialization as a corp member with an English degree can not be posted to the Hospital.

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