Men Underwear – fashion

Underwear is a necessary and important part of our everyday dressing, it comes first before the outer garment. Men’s underwear helps keep the male genitalia intact especially when they are in public.

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They are different types of male underwears – briefs, trunk, boxers, boxers brief, midway

briefs, jockstrap, bikini, thong, and strings. Every man is supposed to have at least 15-20 underwear with at least 8-10 fresh pairs in his wardrobe.

Though they are many types of men’s underwear but they are few that are tagged as the

best ones for different people. Briefs are best for men with bigger thighs, boxers are more breathable, trunks are more like briefs and boxers and the same time.

Since different people have a different taste it cant be said that a particular underwear is the best cause it only depends on the person who is wearing it and how comfortable the person is.

One major thing that is considered when picking an underwear is the material and the best material used for making underwear is cotton cause it is naturally soft and breathable.

Also some men feels more comfortable with tight underwears cause it make them feel well intact but it should be noted that very tight underwear is not good at all.

Underwears should be washed daily after every use to help feel more comfortable also if you are going to sleep with your underwear on ensure it is a free and loosed one.

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