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Marketplace On Facebook App In 2023 – Facebook Marketplace App | How Can U Buy And Sell On Facebook App

In today’s article, we are going to be teaching everything you need to know about Marketplace On Facebook App In 2023. Yes, during the course of this post, you will see How U can Buy And Sell On Facebook App.

See: Facebook marketplace app

Thus, if you are among the numerous android users and searching for a guide on Where can I find the Marketplace on Facebook? this article has gotten you covered. Continue reading below and please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and loved ones!!!

Nevertheless, before we shall proceed with the guide on How can I get Facebook Marketplace icon? let us first off, consider how to create a Facebook account:

Facebook App Account Profile

If you are an online user and looking for a guide on Marketplace On Facebook App, here are the steps you need to follow to signup for an account that will allow you to access facebook marketplace:

  1. Launch your android phone
  2. Next, tap on the play store and search for facebook app
  3. Tap download on the play store
  4. Wait for the app to download and then tap install
  5. Once the app installed, tap to open it
  6. When you are taken to the facebook app homepage, tap on the create new account
  7. Now, you will need to fill out the form by entering your first and last name, phone number or email address, password, date of birth as well as gender
  8. Next, tap signup to continue
  9. Afterward, copy and enter the confirmation code sent to you in the required field

How To Sign Up On Facebook Using Desktop

Here are the steps you need to follow to successfully sign up on Facebook;

  1. Open the Facebook site,
  2. Once you have done that, you can now click the “create new account” link at the top or bottom of the screen or page.
  3. After that, you will see another page, with some empty boxes.
  4. Those boxes should contain information about you.
  5. Now fill in your names, email or phone number, password, gender and your birthday.
  6. When all this is done correctly, click the signup button.
  7. Then you will be sent a confirmation message to your email or phone number.
  8. The message contains digits to confirm your sign up.
  9. Type in those digits in the confirmation box on Facebook.
  10. After that click the “continue” link.

Now you have fully completed your sign up steps and you are now a Facebook user.

Congratulation, your account is now live on Facebook. You can now start using the platform to access several things on Facebook.

Facebook Account Login Steps

If you have an account on Facebook and want to figure out how to login, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit on your browser
  2. Next, locate you will see where you can enter your login details. Now, enter either your phone number or email address that is linked to the account
  3. Enter password
  4. Now, click login and you will be taken to your account

It is that simple and easy. Once you do that, you will be taken to your Facebook profile. Having outlined that, let’s now proceed with the business of the day, Marketplace On Facebook App In 2023 – Facebook Marketplace App | How Can U Buy And Sell On Facebook App.

Marketplace On Facebook App In 2023 – All You Need To Know

Are you in dire need of Marketplace on Facebook? Well, it is a shop on the Facebook platform for businesses where you can either buy or sell items. Marketplace on Facebook can also be explained as a convenient and easy way in which individuals on the Facebook platform can buy and sell items or stuffs locally without leaving Facebook.

On its app, you can find great and numerous listings or search for the items you want near you.

You can as well list out your stuff or items which you intend to sell and be sure to find great deals directly within Facebook. The Facebook marketplace app is not a standalone app like the likes of Facebook Messenger app, the marketplace app is inbuilt on Facebook i.e within the Facebook app itself, and therefore you are not required to download or set up an account to use the marketplace.

Marketplace On Facebook App In 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

With the marketplace on Facebook, you can reach out to thousands of individuals around your area or your locality. The marketplace app is usable on any device including Android and IOS devices.

It can also be used on your desktops and laptops too. You can find different household items and stuff such as clothes, TVs, real estate, and cars to purchase on the app. Both new and old stuff is being sold on the marketplace app.

Buying and selling on the marketplace are very simple and you get to connect with other marketers to be able to see the items in full before making a purchase.

Marketplace On Facebook App In 2023 – Where can U find the Marketplace on Facebook?

The Marketplace app on Facebook has not reached the whole world, it has only been used in just 50 countries for now but the team is working hard on making it worldwide.

To use the marketplace app, you must be 18 years and older and it can only be used on old Facebook accounts.

These are the places the marketplace is available for now;

  1. Argentina.
  2. Australia.
  3. Austria.
  4. Belgium.
  5. Belize.
  6. Bulgaria.
  7. Canada.
  8. Chile.
  9. Costa Rica.
  10. Croatia.
  11. Cyprus.
  12. The Czech Republic.
  13. Denmark.
  14. Ecuador.
  15. Estonia.
  16. The Dominican Republic.
  17. Finland.
  18. France.
  19. Germany.
  20. Greece.
  21. Hungary.
  22. India.
  23. Ireland.
  24. Italy.
  25. Latvia.
  26. Lithuania.
  27. Luxembourg.
  28. Malta.
  29. Mexico.
  30. The Netherlands.
  31. New Zealand.
  32. Norway.
  33. Panama.
  34. Paraguay.
  35. Peru.
  36. The Philippines.
  37. Poland.
  38. Portugal.
  39. Puerto Rico.
  40. Romania.
  41. Singapore.
  42. Slovenia.
  43. South Africa.
  44. Spain.
  45. Sweden.
  46. Switzerland.
  47. Thailand.
  48. The United Kingdom.
  49. The United States.
  50. Uruguay.

These are the places the Marketplace on Facebook is available for now.

How can use the Marketplace?

Like I said before, to use the marketplace app, you must be 18 years and older in the locations that it’s available too, and also to access the marketplace you need to have an old Facebook account because you can use it in your old accounts. If you have, you can follow the instructions below to sign in to your account;

  1. Launch the Facebook apk or access your browser and go to
  2. Input your login details (phone number or email address and password).
  3. Click on log in.

The account will be loaded on the account if the details are verified to be right.

How can U get Facebook Marketplace icon?

Getting the Facebook marketplace icon on your device is very easy to go by; you can get the icon on your Android and IOS device. It can be found on your desktop and laptop Facebook page.

To get the Facebook marketplace icon, you would need to update to the latest Facebook version on your device. Follow the simple guides below;

  1. Update your Facebook.
  2. A new shop icon will be displayed on the page.
  3. The marketplace icon will be at the top of your Facebook page on your Android device and at the bottom of your IOS device.
  4. If you are using a web browser, you can find the Marketplace icon on the left side of the page.

You can tap on the shop icon to load the Facebook Marketplace icon.

That is it on Marketplace On Facebook App In 2023 – Facebook Marketplace App | How Can U Buy And Sell On Facebook App. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!



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