Long Jacket For Men – fashion

Long jacket is an overcoat worn as a outermost jacket which usually extend below the

knee, these jacket are mostly used during winter to keep warm. Though this jackets are worn for the sake of keeping warm they are also worn to spice up fashion taste.

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This jacket has been in existence for a very long time now and they were used as formal

wears then in the early 17 centuries, it comes in different colors like every other cloth but

the colors that are most preferred and purchased by men are the ones with black and brown colors.

They always come with long sleeves, two pocket, single or double breasted, and with large buttons, the old version of this jacket always stops at below the knee though people still

prefer that length till now but the trending ones this days that are loved men are the one stops somewhere above the knee.

Just as long jacket were used as official wears in the past they are also used for the same

purpose now by men especially during winter, they can be worn on all types of clothes including suits.

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