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Is Dry Shampoo Harmful to Your Hair?

Between showers, use dry shampoo to refresh and fluff your hair. These alcohol or starch-based products are becoming increasingly popular around the world. As the popularity of dry shampoo has grown, several people have expressed concerns about its safety.

It turns out that some of those fears were justified. Dry shampoo, as simple as it is to spritz your way to cleaner-looking hair, can cause hair breakage, clogged follicles, and hair loss if used excessively.

It turns out that some of those fears were justified. Dry shampoo, as simple as it is to spritz your way to cleaner looking hair, can cause hair breakage, clogged follicles, and hair loss if used excessively.

Is dry shampoo harmful to your hair and scalp?

The short answer is that most people can safely use dry shampoo on occasion. 
However, applying it too frequently or for long periods of time can harm your hair and produce scalp issues.
Dry shampoo is ineffective in cleaning your hair

Dry shampoo isn’t actually shampoo. The starch and alcohol mixture absorbs the oil in your hair and makes it less apparent when sprayed or sprinkled on. It doesn’t remove oil and debris as effectively as a shampoo and water scrub.

Hair breakage is a possibility

Alcohols are commonly found in aerosol hair care products, which can be damaging to your hair. When you comb or style your hair when it’s dry, the individual fibres might crack and snag on each other, resulting in breakage. a reliable source

Overuse can cause hair follicle clogging

Dry shampoo can build up on your scalp if you use it too frequently or leave it in your hair for too long without washing it away.

A buildup of styling products might irritate your scalp. It’s also conceivable that the buildup will cause folliculitis. Infection of the hair follicle by bacteria or fungus.

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