Important Fact You Should Know About Lip Shape

Your lips are the first thing that people notice about you when they look at you. Many cultures believe that lips are a sign of beauty. Even if your face structure and genetics play a major role in determining their shape, how you treat them can have a significant impact on how you smile and show other emotions. Therefore, you must determine your lip shape and learn how to highlight and maintain it using the appropriate products.

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How to Tell What Shape Your Lips Are

Experts say that using a vanity mirror to determine your lip type is the most accurate method. A top-heavy lip type is one in which the volume of the upper lip is greater than that of the lower lip. Once you’ve determined this, work on balancing the symmetry and emphasizing your lower lip.

Similarly, you may wish to flaunt your large lips if they extend from cheek to cheek. But before you can do anything to improve your lips, you need to know what category they belong in.

Below is a summary of the lip kinds that are most frequently identified. Look at your lips and identify the subhead that they belong to.

Important Facts You Should Know About Lip Shape

The Most Popular Forms for Lips

Full Lips

Full lips are plump on both the top and bottom, equally distributed. Bold and vibrant colours work best to highlight these; try mixing them outward with your fingers. A precise cut is not necessary for full lips, but be sure to select a shade that complements. Dab some highlighter on the cupid’s bow after applying pop-on gloss to the middle of your lips.

Heavy Upper Lips

Top-heavy lips, also known as heavy upper lips, are full and thick at the top. Use a liner to give your lower lip more fullness to draw attention to them. Use a brow pencil to create a soft shadow to go with it. To lessen the prominence of your top lip, you can also apply concealer.

Wide Lips

Longer than full lips that flow from cheek to cheek to create the ideal grin are known as wide lips. Choose a light lip liner and an ombre look. Fill in the remaining space with a lighter shade after applying the darker liner on the outer side. Use matching lipstick to complete the effect.

Round Lips

If the width of your top and bottom lips is the same everywhere, you have round lips. These lips have a soft cupid’s bow and produce a pout that looks natural. This lip type’s plushness can be enhanced with a hint of gloss in the middle. Use a lip liner to adjust the look if you want to broaden the shape, but don’t go crazy.

Heavy Lower Lips

You have this lip shape if the bottom lip is heavier and more voluptuous than the top half. To achieve a balanced fullness, you must adopt the opposite method to that of the “heavy upper lips.” Apply cosmetics to highlight the upper half and conceal the lower part, and you’re set to go.

Thin Lips

Lip thickness and volume are reduced in those with thin lips on both the upper and bottom parts. Apply lip gloss to the middle for a more voluminous and luscious appearance. Make it your best buddy. If you want to give the appearance of having bigger lips, you can also use lip liners. Accept your natural shape and draw attention to it using makeup.

Bow-Shaped Lips

The cupid’s bow is prominent in this lip shape. You can draw attention to the cupid’s bow’s centre, soften the ‘V’ on your upper lip, or contour the bow form to accentuate this desired lip shape. If you want the form to stand out, use a lip liner or concealer to create a crisp edge.

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