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How To Wear Jeans If You Have A Big Butt – fashion

Shopping for jeans can be difficult if you have a bit extra in the rear. Many of them are too snug around the waist and too loose elsewhere.

If you’re tired of looking for pants that fit and flatter, there’s still hope: narrow down your search and learn about the best pants for your body type.

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What to consider

High rise

For ladies with larger derrieres, the value of mid- or high-rise pants cannot be emphasized. Low-rise jeans will usually not fit over your back region, leaving you with a woman’s version of “plumber’s crack.

Choose a pair with a higher rise and enough material to cover your backside. Not only will they fit better, but they will also be more comfortable.


Stretchy jeans are always good for everyone, they are also perfect for people who have a big butts and always struggle to get into their jeans trouser.

Stretch Your best friend is Stretch. The more stretchy the pant, the better they will fit your figure. This is particularly true when it comes to shopping for jeans.

No-stretch jeans will have a hard time contouring to your backside. The better the fit, the more stretch. Selvage denim is recognized for its ability to stretch, so look for jeans constructed from it.


Get jeans with lower-positioned back pockets if you want to slim down your rear. The higher your pockets are positioned, the larger your caboose seems.

Lower-set pockets have the exact opposite effect, slimming you in the back. Also, avoid pockets with flaps or embellishments, as these add unnecessary bulk.

Washes and Wide Legs

A wide-leg pant is another approach to even out your proportions. Flared legs and boot cuts both look great, so go with your favorite.

Hemlines that skim the ground make you appear taller and slimmer. Darker-colored pants can give you more bang for your buck. Your backside will appear smaller the darker the wash of the denim.

Styles that are draped and slouchy

On girls with larger backsides, trendy draped styles like the harem pant work beautifully. Because these styles are meant to be loose and flowy, they’ll have a lot more room in the backside and thigh area, offering them a comfortable and fashionable fit.

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