How To Wear A Jean Trouser The Perfect Way

Jean is actually in the wardrobe of every single person both male and female because they

are stylish for both old and young and they are as durable as they for years, they may only fade a little but are still wearable that’s why it’s a fav for many people.

For you to get the perfect look with jean trousers you desire to ensure to get the right size

and consider your shape type.

Tall Figure

Long legs are made for wearing pants, so embrace your tall figure and rock them the entire season.

By and large, long-length pants will look best on your long legs, so stay away from edited styles and choose ones that completion at or past your lower legs.

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Hourglass Figure

In case you’re adequately fortunate to have an hourglass figure, you’ll see that most styles of pants look great on you.

Assuming you need to truly compliment your figure, notwithstanding, high-waisted mother pants or thin pants are ideal.

Thin pants will stick to the bends of your legs, featuring your ladylike shape

Column Figure
Column figures have an athletic appeal but can look a little masculine if not dressed correctly. To flatter your column figure, choose styles that will create shapes and curves for you.

Try skinny and mom styles that feature a mid to high-rise to create waist definition. The

slim fit of these styles will also help highlight the curves of your thighs, accentuating the feminine aspects of your shape.

Pear Figure

Women with pear figures tend to have a smaller bust and larger hips/thighs, so it’s important to create balance with shapes.

If you have a pear figure, avoid high-waisted jeans as they will be unflattering to your figure.

Instead, opt for low to mid-rise jeans in styles such as boyfriend and cropped. These jeans will help balance your bottom half and make you look great.

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