How To Use Pencil Eyeliner Like A Pro

The market is flooded with eyeliners, each of which offers something slightly different gel, pencil, powder, or liquid. It can be challenging to choose one option because there are so many available.

There are also traditional pencil eyeliners, which are less expensive and simpler to apply than liquid liners but do not stay as long. However, you can learn how to apply pencil eyeliner like a pro for eyes that stand out by following a few easy tips and methods.

There are numerous factors to consider. For instance, the colour might affect how much your lined eyes “pop.” And using the application requires more than just swiping it on.

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How To Use Pencil Eyeliner Like A Pro

Utilize a brown pencil

Even though you might be used to using black-eye pencils, they might occasionally appear too harsh on fair skin. Use a brown pencil to get a more subdued, “no-makeup” look if you discover that to be the case or if you simply like a more natural appearance.

For a gentle yet seductive eye makeup look if you have dark hair, line your top lash line with black eyeliner and your lower line with brown eyeliner.

Make Your Waxy Eye Pencil Warm

Nothing hurts your eyelids more than an eye pencil that won’t apply evenly because it’s too waxy or chilly. This can make it difficult for you to apply eyeliner pencils skillfully, resulting in clumpy, uneven lines. The secret is to warm it up so you can avoid this.

  • There are three simple ways to accomplish this:
  • The tip will soften if you rub it against your hand.
  • Between the tips of your fingers, roll the point.

Holding it in a flame for a few seconds will immediately warm the end. Before applying it to your lids, give it a few more seconds to cool.

Beginning with a Dash

Do you have trouble drawing straight lines? Start with a few dashes if you want to master applying an eyeliner pencil and getting the ideal line on the upper and lower lashes.

At the skin’s outside corner, pull it taut.

With the eyeliner, slowly create a series of dashes, working from the inside corner out.

Angle your pencil so that you are now sketching with the side of it at the midway point of the line. This will make the line thicker.
Connect the dashes or the dots in this example.

Your lower lash line should be drawn and smudged

  • Apply the tips above when lining your eyes with pencil eyeliner.
  • Make a light smear with your fingers on the line.
  • Give the line with your liquid liner a thin second coat if you want a little more definition.

Rim the Inside of Your Eyes

  • Make sure to sharpen a waterproof pencil to a point before using it. This will not only improve control but also clean the pencil of any potential pathogens.
  • Gently draw your upper lid up and align the top inside rim first from the inside corner of the eye out.
  • Follow with the bottom waterline.

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