How To Stop Necklace From Tangling Or Moving On Your Neck

Ever put on your favourite necklace in the morning only to discover it tangled up by lunchtime? It’s annoying, to put it mildly, whether the clasp shifted to the front, the chain flipped underneath, or your multiple necklaces have tangled into one. Why spend money on jewellery that will jiggle and hop around your neck?

Sadly, unless you remain perfectly still yourself, it’s challenging to totally stop a necklace from moving around. Don’t give up on necklaces just yet; there are techniques to reduce the movement.

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What To Do If Your Clasp Is Always Twisting to the Front

When the chain wiggles and the clasp suddenly sit in the front, this is a regular problem with pendant necklaces. This is due to the fact that the clasp probably weighs more than the chain itself. Get a necklace with a counterbalance on the clasp or add one yourself to prevent this from happening.

A charm, metal ball, or bead affixed to the clasp might serve as a counterbalance. If your necklace doesn’t already have a charm, you can buy one online or at a craft store and affix it with tweezers.

If you prefer designs where the pendant is fastened to both ends of the chain, avoid those with pendants that flip or move around on the chain. By doing this, the pendant won’t move up and down on the chain. A heavier pendant that is less likely to move is another option.

Tangled Necklaces With Layers

  • Open up both necklaces, then connect necklace one’s clasp end to necklace two’s non-clasp end to form a single, long chain.
  • Before fastening the two ends together, wrap the section of the necklace you want to be the shorter one around your neck.
  • The longer part of the double-wrap necklace should be adjusted to rest lower on your chest.

After then, the longer necklace hangs down and the shorter one is wrapped more tightly around your neck. Voila! The necklaces will be in the precise order you specify, stay in place, and not tangle.

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