How To Shape Your Eyebrows With Vaseline

Wax and mineral oil combine to form Vaseline (aka petroleum jelly). Dry skin and hair can benefit from these substances’ hydration, and moisturized hair may develop more quickly. Your brows might appear thicker by using Vaseline. Each strand may be coated with thick jelly, giving the impression that it is thicker and assisting in its retention. Petroleum jelly and vaseline are practically the same stuff. The business that makes Vaseline, Unilever, employs pharmaceutical-grade, high-quality, filtered petroleum. Since petroleum jelly is created from materials that can be found on the earth, notably oil, it can be considered a natural product.

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What Are The Benefits Of Vaseline for Eyebrows


Vaseline’s great moisturizing properties are its main advantage.


Vaseline works to make even sparser brows feel and seem fuller when it is smoothed onto and over them. But it can also benefit the area underneath by reducing any redness or dry skin.

Does Vaseline Help To Grow Eyebrows?

Both experts point out that there are no scientific studies demonstrating Vaseline genuinely works to promote brow growth if you’re seeking how to make eyebrows grow faster. “Even though Vaseline has many beauty benefits, including treating topical skin diseases, it doesn’t do much to stimulate hair growth for your eyebrows,” says one expert, “the salve can give your brows a fuller appearance. Vaseline can coat each hair, making them appear thicker, which can give the appearance of larger brows. It can also function as a brow gel to keep eyebrows in place.

How To Apply Vaseline to the Brows

When it comes to using Vaseline before or after wearing makeup, there are various schools of thought. In any case, only a small amount should be used, and applying it using a tool is recommended. First, use a clean mascara wand or eyebrow brush to groom the eyebrows. Next, take the brush up and over a small quantity of Vaseline.

Is It Safe to Use Vaseline On Eyebrows?

While petroleum jelly, also known as vaseline, is thought to be safe to use on things like cuts and scrapes, it is a byproduct of oil processing and also contains a mixture of waxes and mineral oils.

Naturally, care should be taken to avoid getting Vaseline too close to the eyes, but as petroleum is a byproduct of oil refining, be careful which brand you choose as there are several grades of purity available. Keep to fragrance-free products if you have sensitive skin around your eyes or breakouts.

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