How To Rock A Blazer Perfectly – fashion

A blazer is a simple jacket with soft shoulders and a laidback fit and it is mostly used for casual purposes. Most times people do mistake blazers for suit jackets but there’s actually

a huge difference, suits come with a trouser that is made with the exact material as the jacket but blazer doesn’t come with such pants or trousers.

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Blazers are mostly made with wool and it requires about 2 yards but for men who are wider or larger, they will need 3 yards to make a blazer that will fit them perfectly.

Polyester is also a good material that can be used to make a blazer but it won’t be as breathable as a natural material cause it is synthetic.

Blazers are unisex wear that can be worn by both men and women plus it can be worn with whatever you especially jean trousers. To wear a blazer with jeans you need a polo, t-shirt, or a flannel shirt to wear under your blazer.

Though blazers are mostly for casual purposes they can also be worn as corporate wear for formal purposes by wearing a crisp button-up shirt and a tie underneath the jacket.

If you to look different you can decide to wear yours unbuttoned.

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