How To Revive Nail Polish

When you are pulling out your favourite nail polish colour at home, as I do, you realize it has turned into a thick, gooey mess. In addition to the fact that it’s a discontinued hue, it’s especially upsetting when it’s a favourite colour and there is still more than half of the bottle to use.

The horror of running out of backups and being unable to go out and buy a new one is, to put it mildly, disheartening. While this problem seems to affect discount or drugstore products more frequently, even high-end premium polishes can develop thick, sticky layers.

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How To Revive Nail Polish

Utilize a thinner for nail polish

The easiest way to fix your nail polish problems and get it back to its original consistency without damaging the product is simply this. Typically, you may choose from a variety of thinners made by various nail paint companies.

If at all possible, add a drop or two to the bottle at a time using an eyedropper. Reattach the nail polish bottle cap and mix the formula by rubbing the bottle between your hands.

The consistency may be impacted by air bubbles, so avoid shaking the bottle. On your nail, check the polish’s consistency. If something isn’t quite right, try again after adding a drop. However, take caution not to overdo it.

However, take caution not to overdo it. The polish may get too runny and become impossible to thicken again.

Blend the polish

If the nail polish has somewhat thickened, gently blending it will work. Make sure the bottle is closed before flipping it over. Then, roll it for a while between your palms. This aids in thinning down the polish and gradually warming it.

Remember that shaking shouldn’t be done because it can fast cause nail paint to chip because shaking causes air bubbles. Shake at your own risk because it may potentially make the substance thicker.

Hot water

Hot water is an excellent method if rubbing the polish between your hands doesn’t quite get the job done and you are out of lacquer thinner. To heat the polish, you only need to run the bottle under hot water.

The recipe will briefly get thinner as a result. The ideal approach to use this technique would be to fill a dish with hot water and submerge the bottle for around two minutes. The bottle should then be gently removed because it could be very hot. After that, to mix the polish inside, roll the bottle back and forth in your palms.

Pure acetone or nail polish remover can be added

Only in extreme circumstances, when you’re attempting to finish the bottle before throwing it away, would I advise doing this. Your polish can be thinned by adding a few drops and stirring the bottle, however, this method only works temporarily.

Although it is a temporary solution, the acetone will ruin your nail polish by destroying the formula. It’s probably time to say goodbye to your old nail polish if you’ve reached this point.

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