How To Remove Matte Lipstick

Although cosmetics fads are ever-evolving, matte lipsticks are timeless. For good reason, it has become a must-have piece of makeup. These lipsticks don’t bleed readily and are largely transfer-proof. Matte lipsticks offer a plumper and fuller lip look and make overlining simpler. But getting rid of these lipsticks can be a real challenge because their long-lasting formulations are difficult to remove.

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How To Remove Matte Lipstick

Use A Cleanser With A Cream Base

Because matte lipsticks are frequently highly drying, you cannot rely on water or a wet cloth to remove them. Instead, apply a cream- or oil-based cleanser to your lips with a Q-tip and leave it on for a few minutes.

Get Rid of It

To carefully wipe off your lipstick, use the Q-clean tip’s side. Because they don’t smudge or distribute the lipstick all over your lips, Q-tips are a good tool for removing lipstick.

Replicate one final time

Repeat these processes until all colour has been removed from your lips if any. And your lips will feel surprisingly fresh and hydrated afterwards.

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