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How To Perfect Your Curly Hair Wash Day Routine

If you allow it, the amount of time it takes to wash naturally curly, kinky hair can rival a cyclist’s stamina.

Detangling, thorough conditioning, and drying can take a lot of time and cause frustration.

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Important Steps For Your Wash Day For Curly Hair

Continue reading for five suggestions on how to wash and take care of your curly hair.


Pre-shampoo is more commonly referred to as pre-poo. It entails dividing the hair into sections and treating the hair with water- or oil-based treatments before shampooing.

Pre-poo advantages include:

  • improved controllability
  • greater softness
  • higher moisture
  • fewer breaks plus dryness

To make your post-wash curls easier to maintain, finger-detangle your hair at this time.

Co-Wash + Care For Your Scalp

Since curly hair develops differently from the follicle and is more prone to fragility, proper scalp care is especially crucial.

By removing superfluous products and buildup from the scalp, using a specific product for this purpose lays a healthy foundation for the growth of curly hair.

On the other hand, co-washing, which entails washing your hair with a cleansing conditioner or conditioner, gently cleans the remainder of your hair without robbing curls of their vital moisture.

Co-washing may replace daily conditioning, depending on how frequently you wash your clothes.

Deep conditioning should be used between washings for longer lengths of time.

Deep conditioners may take the shape of a mask, and they are frequently used in conjunction with steam or heat to increase the product’s penetration. These items are necessary to refill and rebuild your hair.


It can be difficult to detangle your hair, especially if you omitted the first step of this procedure for washing curly hair.

However, if you followed the pre-poo prep instructions and finger-detangled your hair, you should have fewer knots and tangles in this step of your curly hair process.

To make sure there are no remaining knots, you need now perform a more precise disentangle.

Tips for untangling curly hair include:

applying water-based cosmetics that have slides, which contributes to how lubricious your hair feels after product application

Detangle your hair by working your way up from the ends to the roots with a wide-toothed comb.

Moisturize And Hydrate

It’s crucial to understand the distinction between hydration and moisture, both of which are crucial for taking care of your hair.

First, hydration entails raising your hair’s moisture level. It contains humectants, substances that pull moisture to your strands.

However, moisturizing also involves taming your strands. Typically, emollient substances are used.

Curly-haired people should use water-based products and lightweight creams or oils to moisturize their hair as silicone-based products can give the appearance of wetness.


I prefer to wear my hair in a protective style, which entails tucking the ends of my curly hair because I have coarse, coily hair.

Curly hair’s adaptability is what gives it its beauty, though. Whether you use a wash ‘n go, a weave, or another style of your choice, following the instructions for a curly hair wash day should help your natural curls grow.

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