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How To Know When You Need Protein Treatment

Moisture is one of your top concerns while trying to maintain healthy hair. And I’m sure you’ve got it under control. hair masks that treat the hair deeply, leave-in conditioners, and oils, However, what about protein therapies? Are they really as excellent as they seem? They claim to strengthen hair, which almost seems too good to be true.

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How To Know When You Need Protein Treatment

Elasticity loss

Under normal circumstances, hair in good condition can stretch without breaking. How to test elasticity is as follows: Check to see if your wet hair can be slightly stretched out before snapping back into place without breaking. If so, you’re in good shape. You might need to apply a protein mask more frequently if it breaks readily.

Serious damage

When hair has been overly chemically processed, it can feel and appear like seaweed when wet. When completely dry, it could feel rather harsh. The typical dryness that Black hair is prone to be not present here. That is harm. Even though Black hair is textured, it is probably still silky to the touch when it is in good health.

Extreme breaking

Every human sheds every single day. However, if your curls are weak and severely damaged, you might discover strands of it everywhere, including your pillow, the back of your car seat, your shirt, the restroom floor, and other places. When you comb it, it might even create a popping or snapping noise.

Benefit of Protein Treatments for Black Hair

Your daily hair care regimen will determine whether you actually need a protein treatment. If you frequently relax, texturize, colour, or heat style your hair, refuelling it with protein could alter everything for you.

The health of the hair can be damaged by both chemical procedures and direct heat. Treatments using proteins are intended to help close the gaps and strengthen depleted areas. As a result, your hair shaft no longer appears and feels battered and rough to the touch. It might be worthwhile to try a protein treatment if your hair appears fragile and frizzes up easily.

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