How To Get The No Makeup Look

Makeup trends can be unpredictable sometimes in the sense you never know what will come next. What is accepted as the latest look may become “old school” in a few years. From smoky eyes to very colourful makeup we now have the no-makeup look. The no-makeup look does not necessarily mean that you are not wearing any makeup it is just not very visible.

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How To Get The No Makeup Look

Improve Your Skin Care Skills

If you want to showcase your gorgeous skin, it makes sense to start with the best canvas you can get. Finding what works for you is essential because skin care is different for each person and each person has distinct issues.

Make sure you’re using your skin care products appropriately and that your skin is prepared to absorb them since this will help them operate as effectively as possible. Consider using an essence as your final step after cleansing to speed up skin cell renewal and improve the absorption of your subsequent face oils, serums, and moisturizers.

Choose your hue

Sometimes saying “no makeup” simply indicates that you can’t see any makeup, not that there isn’t any. Everybody experiences redness or dullness when they first wake up, but a light colour wash can instantly make you look vibrant. If the foundation is your thing and you have a favourite, you don’t have to avoid it entirely.

If the result is too matte or opaque, blending either with a dab of moisturizer will slightly sheer it out. You should appear dewy, not caked. Applying with your palms and fingers results in a more realistic-looking finish that is slightly imperfect like real skin. You have it correct if you can see your freckles.

Develop your radiance

The section that gives you a brilliant finish is the enjoyable part. As you apply cream blush with your fingers and can press it into your skin, one that closely resembles your natural blush gives off the most realistic finish. Whether it can serve as yet another moisturizer. You appear to have just come inside from the cold or perhaps gone running from the blended outwards apples of your cheeks.

You may add an angelic dimension to your face by dabbing liquid highlighter on top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your brow bones, and your cupid’s bow. These liquid highlighters are fantastic since the shimmer particles are so tiny you hardly see them.

Choose contrast above colour

Avoiding the naked smoky eye or anything lined, you want to define your eyes and brows simply by subtly darkening them rather than actually adding colour.

Then curl them. Right, instant pop? If you’re still not happy, a clear mascara will work to give your colours a little more depth. A tinted brow gel will work for lashes and brows on lighter skin tones.

It goes without saying that you should define your brows, and right now, a statement brow is more in style than long, flirtatious lashes. Likewise with your lips. Instead of stain or colour, think tint. Above all, a hydrated pout free of dry, scaly portions will appear the most youthful.

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