How To Get Post-Vacation Glowing Skin Without Going Anywhere

Aside from the wonderful memories and Instagram-worthy moments, one of the best things about travelling is the glow you get after your trip when you get back home.

Everyone looks amazing with that tanned, dewy skin, and it’s one of the best ways to brag to your friends about your trip. With a little assistance from our favourite skincare and cosmetics products, of course, you can still achieve that post-vacation glow even if you are unable to leave the house any time soon.

How To Get Post-Vacation Glowing Skin Without Going Anywhere

Lightly exfoliate first

An easy remedy for skin that simply appears a little dull is exfoliation. Your face looks dull because of layers of dead skin, therefore you should softly exfoliate every few days to keep your complexion glowing.

Hydrate with body glosses and balms as well as facial moisturizers

In the warmer months, you want to have a summer glow without looking or feeling like you’re wearing makeup. With a cakey face, it’s difficult to look glowing, therefore experts universally concur that hydration and good skin care are essential. Vitamin C is the key component in brightening products, so look for vitamin C-rich face masks and moisturizers.

Self-tanner or bronzing water in little amounts can work miracles

Contrary to what many people think, an effective self-tanner won’t give you streaky skin or a Cheetos-colored appearance. The best self-tans are those that are undetectable as being from the sun. If you ever have any doubts, patch-test the region first.

If you don’t have a face-specific self-tanner, you can alternatively mix a few drops of body self-tanner into your preferred night cream or moisturizer. Apply the mixture immediately to the skin, being sure to cover the entire face and neck. Combine the ingredients in the palm of your hand. Use right before bed to awaken in the morning with a fully formed glow.

Apply highlighter strategically

Never undervalue the impact of a well-placed highlighter. Before applying your liquid or cream foundation, dab a small quantity of liquid or powder highlighter onto the high planes of your face. You can even use a highlighter on the remaining parts of your body if you really want to go all out.

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