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How To Fix Damaged Eyelashes – fashion

The eyelashes are there to help protect our eyes from dust but have you thought of what might happen if you begin to lose them.

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Eyelashes always enhance our look and beauty but sometimes can be affected by some of our everyday activities.

You only begin to complain about your lashes when you notice them falling off too often or when they are becoming too short and brittle.

It should not be a surprise to you that your lashes easily get affected because they are actually very fragile.

What causes damaged eyelashes

Waterproof mascara – Waterproof mascara is capable of damaging your eyelashes because it makes your lashes very stiff when it dries which can cause breakage.

Leaving mascara on overnight – Just like every other makeup you apply on you never go to bed with mascara on your lashes. Instead, make sure you wash them off first.

Everyday makeup – It is advisable to give make a break and not wear them every day, this will also prevent you from touching your lashes every day since this can cause them to fall off often.

How to grow your lashes

They are two ways you can grow your eyelashes either by using products that are meant for it or doing it naturally.

Serums – You can decide to use serums to grow your lashes if you feel they are safe to use considering they are very close to your eyes.

Using natural oils – Now instead of using products, you can decide to use natural oils like olive oils, coconut oil, jojoba oil and the rest.

Right diet – It is possible to see someone who is not into makeup at all also experiencing eyelashes damage, it could be because they are not eating right.

Eating the right diet can help you with a lot in your body including growing your eyelashes.

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