How To Fake Bleach Your Eye Brow

Fake eyebrow bleaching simply means changing the colour of your brow and just as you know bleaching your eyebrow is not ideal at all. In fact, it is really damaging and will frustrate your initial plan of wanting to grow your brows if you ever wished to grow your brows.

Also, you have regrowth to deal with, when your brows begin to grow you would end up having the colour of eyebrows which you would need to fix again which might mean bleaching your brows again.

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Why the Popularity of Bleached Brows

Bleached brows are gaining popularity since they are unquestionably attention-grabbing. I believe that a large number of people are drawn to bleached brows because they have an otherworldly or extraterrestrial appearance that is not entirely consistent with our conception of traditional western beauty.

How To Fake Bleach Your Eyebrow

  • Use a clean spoolie and your preferred brow soap or balm to brush through the brows.
  • Use a separate spoolie to comb thick concealer or concealer paint—the thicker, the better—through the brows.
  • With a firm brush, pat down the product to create an equal finish and ensure that each brow hair is firmly in place.
  • For a neat finish if you’re adding eyeshadow to your makeup, seamlessly combine the eye primer and concealer.

Do You Need (Faux) Bleached Eyebrows?

Because they essentially remove the eyebrow, bleached brows are exceedingly challenging to pull off because they create the illusion of a very wide forehead on most people. A square facial shape with a stronger jawline and a narrower forehead is ideal for a bleached brow. This is possible even when you’re deleting the brows because the jaw and forehead can still balance each other out.

The bleach brow look should be completely avoided by people with heart-shaped faces. The upper hemisphere of the face will appear considerably bigger as a result of this trend, attracting greater attention to this region if you have a very tiny mouth, a narrow chin, and a larger forehead.

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