How To Fake a Custom Closet Without Renovating

Do you love having a closet with enough space and a compartment for everything without having to renovate? It is common to have hope of getting a fantastic closet when you get a new house but then to be disappointed. This has happened to so many people who have been house hunting and then eventually find a house they love but the closet has just a hanging rod and shelf.

Of course, you can’t let go of the house just because of the closet and at the same time you can’t act like the closet isn’t important too. That’s why we have come up with great ideas for getting a custom closet without having to renovate. The benefit of this is that you can make your closet look whichever way you want it to be instead of putting up with whatever you get after renting a new apartment.

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How To Fake a Custom Closet Without Renovating

Begin again

Your closet can look and feel much better after giving it a thorough cleaning and a coat of matte white paint. Investing in a modest woven seagrass or sisal rug that is somewhat larger than the closet itself is a sensible design choice, as closet floors are sometimes overlooked. It can be cut to fit wall to wall in a closet and installed without fraying if it has a latex backing.

Prioritize editing over style

Eliminating items from your closet is the quickest method to give it a more put-together appearance. The first styling suggestion I always provide is to [keep] less. You can make extra room and breathing room simply by reducing and getting rid of stuff.

Look through your closet for anything you can quickly identify as a donation, even if you’re not ready to tackle a complete edit just yet. If your closet is taking up a lot of space with seasonal clothing, think about rotating your wardrobe throughout the year.

Add extra shelves

Increasing the number of shelves in a closet that has just one shelf and one hanging bar can significantly improve its layout. Should your closet system be track-based, you could be able to purchase extra brackets and shelves; but, even without such a system, constructing a basic plywood shelf can be a cost-effective do-it-yourself project or can be outsourced.

For a more streamlined appearance, paint the plywood the same shade of white as the walls.

Expand your hanging space

As soon as you remove it from the box, double hanging appears. You can see more when shorter hanging items, such as blouses and sweaters, are arranged in twice as much space.

Take advantage of the below

There’s a good amount of space between the floor and the bottom of what is being hung unless you have a wardrobe full of floor-length ball dresses.

Maximize your shelves

Using shelf dividers, you may keep messy heaps of folded clothes contained and improve the appearance of your clothes.

Sort and arrange your hangers

It’s a common belief that matching hangers will instantly give your closet a more put-together appearance, and it works. However, you can upgrade the appearance by just grouping similar hangers together if you don’t want to go out and buy everything new.

Sort the remaining items by kind after eliminating the outliers, such as a lone purple plastic hanger. For instance, every wooden one can reside on the left, and every velvet one on the right. Don’t get the velvet hangers if you decide to buy new.

Although wooden [hangers] require a little more room, they are more durable and long-lasting. One set can be purchased for a lifetime.”

Arrange the containers you have

Tights and gym clothes are among the hardest items to fold, so bins and baskets are really helpful for organizing them, but they must match.

“Uniformity is key to giving your closet a personalized appearance. For example, matching hangers, well-placed baskets, and bins will improve the overall appearance of your room. purchase a set of six to eight coordinating bins for the closet, stating that an assortment of dissimilar containers may be visually “overstimulating.”

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