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How To Dry Natural Hair With A Diffuser

So even if you’ve found the appropriate products for your curls, your mane still ends up being frizzy and poorly defined. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind to embrace your kinks and coils, frizz and all! a fresh diffuser method that lengthened and moisturized my coils for more love.

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Consider a hooded dryer first

The norm for relaxed hair is to sit under a hooded dryer both at home and at the salon. However, curly hair types, especially those with dense 4C curls, can also gain from using a hooded drier.

Because of how the hood drier dries the hair, all hair responds better to it.

You may see more defined curls when you sit under a drier as opposed to diffuse drying, depending on the density of your hair in the 4c range and [your] home maintenance routine.

It allows the hair to set evenly and gives the product a chance to reach the hair shaft since the ionic hood drier “gives you uniformly distributed air,” which means that neither the air nor your curls move around.

Use A Diffuser For Volume

It is advised to diffuse if having big hair is your ultimate goal. The ionic hood dryer is your buddy if you want to see more definition and allow your curls to grow over time.

However, “use your ionic blow dryer and [a] diffuser if you want defined curls with more blow-up fullness.

Just be aware that the method you use and the type of blow dryer you use will greatly affect the outcome.

Products are important, but a decent blow dryer is crucial.


Here’s how to use a diffuser to dry natural hair effectively for volume:


Before you even consider blow-drying your hair, you’re already on the path to moisturized, defined curls. One of the key elements is the products you choose. However, the right time to apply a product is equally crucial.

If your hair is less porous than mine, you should only apply products when you hear your hair “squish.”

That sound indicates that your hair is sufficiently moist to layer the products for the best results when you apply the product from root to tip.


using the LOC method to order your hair care supplies. A leave-in conditioner or other liquid should be used first, followed by any oils, and then cream.

Add a sealer, like a gel or light-holding liquid, to avoid frizz. To seal in moisture in my situation, we used Original Moxie Pop Life Volumizing Mousse.


Hold the hair drier in a place where you are starting to dry your hair for at least a minute. Avoid disturbing the curls at this time. (Overly vigorous initial drying will result in frizz.)


You can begin turning your hair forth and backwards to increase the volume of your curls once it is at least 80% dry.


You should feel a cast or shield on your coils once your hair has dried. You’ll know your curls have set by that point.

Use a mild conditioning spray to break the crunch afterwards if you’d rather. To add shine and soften your set, simply scrunch the product into the hair. I prefer to carry out this task on day two.

You can turn up the heat for penetration if you’d rather conduct this step during the actual drying and style process, but keep the heat button from being all the way up.


Your set should last four to seven days if you follow the natural hair drying instructions provided above. This depends on your lifestyle.

Fortunately, I learned that it really is the finest method for drying 4C hair. My style lasted longer than any washday I’ve had as a natural for five whole days.

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