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How To detangle Hair After A Long Time

The hair war starts. Is this the sensation you experience each time you pick up a comb to brush or untangle your hair? Everyone can relate to you.

Given the harsh hair products we use or the new hairstyles we flaunt every day, none of us can avoid knotted hair strands. However, it is possible to untangle your hair without chopping off half of it. A little patience and our list of prevention advice are all you need. Find out by scrolling down.

What Leads to Tangled Hair?

When your hair’s cuticle, which is its outermost layer, is damaged and becomes open, tangles result. Open cuticles tangle and impede one another. In essence, a hair knot develops when two individual hair strands wrap around and entwine.

It becomes more challenging to untangle these knots (tangles) if this happens to a few strands, am I correct? Hair that is silky or smooth is less likely to tangle. The worst affected hair, however, is textured and damaged (wavy or curly).

  • abrasive hair care items
  • rubbing hair vigorously while shampooing
  • excessive washing a dehydration
  • warmth styling
  • using a towel to rub one’s hair

How To detangle Hair After A Long Time

Nearly everyone encounters hair knots, regardless of hair type or texture. To untangle a hair knot without damaging your hair is not a simple task. But it’s also not impossible.

Hair tangles are frequently challenging to untangle. However, using treatments like conditioner, hair masks, or even hair oils can help untangle the knots more simpler. It is advised against attempting to untangle knots in wet hair. If you attempt to untangle damp hair, you run the danger of breaking a lot of hair. When the hair is dry, try removing the knots with a wide-toothed comb made of soft bristles.


One of the most crucial elements of effective hair care is conditioning your hair. Detangling the hair is something else that it aids in. Starting at the tips and working your way up to the roots, condition your hair. Don’t use conditioner on your scalp; it doesn’t require it. After using the conditioner for 5 minutes, untangle your hair with a comb, then rinse.

Detangling Solution

The cost of detangling hair spray is unquestionably justified. As you’re detangling, it eases stress in the hair. Additionally, it is a quick cure when you are busy or out and about. Sprays for detangling hair can be applied to damp or dry hair. They don’t need to be rinsed. Shea butter is one of the chemicals in the sprays that helps to soften hair and make detangling easier.


The hair can be successfully detangled using mineral oil. It is a petroleum distillate that has no colour or smell. Mineral oil eliminates tangles and functions as an antistatic. Make sure your hair has exactly the right amount of conditioning; too much buildup prevents mineral oil from working as effectively to remove tangles.

After detangling, your hair could appear much more fragile. Apply a few drops of olive oil, then wait for around twenty minutes to let the oil soak into your scalp and hair. For this, you can either place a heated cloth on your head or sit below a steamer.


Detangling can be facilitated by moisture. It aids in untangling the hair without using forceful pulling. Before leaving, sprinkle some water on your hair with a spray bottle loaded with water. Sections of hair can be taken with your fingers, combed with a wide-toothed brush, and clipped with a reliable hair clip or pin once they have been detangled. Continue until all of your hair has been properly detangled.

A comb with several teeth

Have you forgotten how important a wide-toothed comb is? Paddle brushes and wide-tooth combs make detangling hair far less painful. They treat your hair more gently.

Start at the bottom

Most people make the error of combing their hair from the roots when caring for their hair. starting at the hair’s base. Beginning from the bottom, gradually comb up a few inches. This lessens the risk of hair loss and scalp pain brought on by excessive pulling.

Employ your fingers

Using your fingers, gently split your hair into rows before using a comb. Before combing your hair, you can do this to get rid of the majority of the tangles.

Hair Mask

Regular tangling in your hair could be an indication that it’s dry. To instantly hydrate your hair, use a moisturizing hair mask. You may buy different types of hair masks or make your own at home with materials like egg, yogurt, honey, and banana.

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