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How To Clean Your Body Without Soap

Our largest organ, the skin, is crucial to maintaining our health. Keeping our skin healthy is essential to sustaining overall health because it guards us against illness and injury and helps control body temperature.

While soap is advertised to us as an essential for exfoliating, it may really cause more harm than good. It eliminates dead skin cells and carries away oils and debris.

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How To Clean Your Body Without Soap

Your best option is to discard your soaps if you don’t know what’s in them. Because they have a higher, more alkaline pH than normal skin, bar soaps are typically the toughest. With surfactants or emulsifiers, body washes and shower gels are manufactured differently and are more closely related to the pH of our skin. All three types of soap disintegrate and remove the essential oils that our skin requires.

Water does a good job of washing away debris without removing your skin’s essential oils. Avoid taking those indulgently long, steamy baths as well. A day’s worth of grime can be washed away with the spray in only a few minutes; much longer could dry up your skin.

If you’re really worried, you can choose to apply a light cleaner on your genitals and armpits, but as long as you haven’t been sweating profusely or rolling around in actual dirt, you won’t stink (but if you really need to sleep, we’ll give recommendations on selecting the best soap below).

Test out oil cleaning

Oils for cleaning are one choice. Although applying oil to your skin to clean it may seem paradoxical, it’s healthier than using soap.

Oil-based cleansers capture debris and dead skin cells, allowing for easy rinsing without compromising the existing oil barrier. One tip is to prepare yourself by using oil before getting into the shower. Modern oil-based cleansers are designed to produce a light foam when wet, simply rinse off, and not harm skin or leave a residue.

Brush dead skin cells off

Another efficient method for removing dirt and dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin is dry brushing, which also encourages the creation of healthy oils. Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like: you use a natural fibre brush to massage your skin when it’s dry.

The bristles’ sweeping motion over your skin aids in exfoliation and grime removal. There is some evidence that skin brushing encourages lymphatic drainage, which detoxifies the entire body in addition to the skin.

You will first need a high-quality, natural bristle brush, which can be found in the bath section of most stores, in order to try dry brushing at home. then take these actions:

  • As you brush, start at your feet and work your way up, following the lines of your body.
  • Apply reasonable pressure while rotating the brush in a clockwise direction milder on skin that is thinner, and more powerful on skin that is thicker.
  • Always move your brush in the direction of your heart.
  • Brush your upper arms from your palms toward the body after scrubbing your lower extremities, chest, and abdomen.
  • After brushing your entire body, take a cool shower and use your favourite moisturizer.

Create your own natural scrub at home

There are literally thousands of different recipes for goods you can manufacture in your own kitchen, which is great news for DIYers. The list includes anything from oatmeal and honey exfoliators to salt and sugar scrubs.

A few all-natural recipes from Brit+Co will remove dead skin cells and keep your body well-hydrated without harming the natural barrier of your skin. However, creating your own blend can be as easy as combining sugar, honey, and sugar, or oats, honey, and plain yoghurt! Just keep in mind to keep your face away from it since the skin there is more sensitive and sugar crystals might lead to tiny tears.

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