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How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a gift that we receive from our loved ones that are always close to our hearts. For this reason, we cherish it and wish for it to last for a very long time. But you need to know the right way to do this because no matter how much it cost these rings can still get ruined without adequate care. That is why you need to learn the right way to care for your engagement rings so they can last for a long.

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How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

Give your ring regular cleaning

To maintain a beautiful wedding ring you should give it regular cleaning, this will help to maintain its beauty and shine. Cleaning an engagement ring is also very easy, you don’t need to be a professional to do even spend a dime.

All you need is warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent. Mix the two properly then dip your engagement ring into the mixture. Allow sitting in there for a few minutes before giving it a gentle scrub with a soft bristle brush. Then rinse and dry.

Know the right time to take your ring off

Most people are not aware that no matter the quality of their ring there still should not dip their hand in water too much with their ring on. If you are going for a swim it is advisable to take your ring off your finger. Also when carrying out your household chores you should take you to ring off to prevent your ring from rusting.

If you would be doing any of this stuff ensure to keep your ring somewhere safe so you don’t end up losing your expensive ring as this will really hurt not just you but your spouse. If are going for a swim, for instance, keep your ring at home there s no need to wear your ring to the beach unless you are certain you won’t be diving into the sea for a swim or playing with the sand at all which is quite impossible when you are at the beach.

Make sure your ring is always in good condition

Keep your engagement ring in good condition by giving it a prong check from time to time. This does not need to be a frequent thing as you can decide to do it once a year. You don’t also need a professional to do this at all times you can just place your ring in between two fingers places it very close to your ear and shake it. If there is no sound coming from it then it is in good shape but if you hear a sound no matter how light it is take it to a professional to care for your ring.

Have ring dishes around your house 

This would save you from losing your ring, as we know you should not put on your ring when doing house chores. For this reason, you would have to take it off and place it somewhere safe. While doing this you really can misplace your ring. It can either fall down somewhere or you just might not remember where you placed it. This is why you need a ring dish around your house to help keep your ring safe.

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