How To Care For Your Cuticles

The small layers of dead skin that collect around the base of our nails are called cuticles. They are formed of dead skin cells, therefore cutting them off doesn’t harm. Picking at them or peeling them, however, raises the risk of bleeding and even infection.

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Why Is It Important To Maintain Our Cuticles?

Your cuticles serve as a barrier for new nail growth and guard against nail distortion. They serve as a crucial barrier and are beneficial to our entire nail unit.

If maintaining the appearance of your fingers is your major goal, cuticle care is the route to take. When your cuticles are maintained and moisturized, they appear much healthier, just like when you have a facial or use quality skin care products to give your face a healthy glow.

Thus, consider cuticle care as a logical step in the process if you’re already investing time and money in having a manicure or painting your nails at home.

Should Your Cuticles Be Removed or Left On?

It’s up to you how you take care of your cuticles. While some advise patients to remove them entirely (safely, of course), others advise against doing so unless it is absolutely essential.” Since our bodies replace cut skin with callus-like skin to heal, removing the live cuticle will make it grow back thicker and harder. maintaining rather than cutting the cuticle.

Push the cuticle back completely and just trim the obvious hanging or dead skin, not the cuticle itself, if you really want clean cuticles. You shouldn’t need to make many cuts in the cuticle if you thoroughly press the cuticle back.

How Can We Take the Best Care of Our Cuticles?

To begin with, you shouldn’t push your cuticles back or damage your nails, and you definitely shouldn’t press back dry cracked cuticles. Apply oil to your nail plate to prevent scratching for the finest results.

Without proper preparation, or even without skill while clipping them, pushing back the cuticles can cause infection in addition to the damage to the nails. Alternately, you can use your thumbnails to push your cuticles back while you’re in the shower and they’re still soft.

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