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How To Apply Makeup For Oily Skin?

Having only skin is not a reason to ditch makeup forever. A lot of ladies have decided to stop using makeup because they don’t like what their makeup turns into in the middle of the day, especially on a sunny day.

This is very understandable but you don’t have to do that instead as all you need is to know the right way to apply makeup on your face which you will be getting in this article.

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How To Apply Makeup For Oily Skin?

Prime your skin first and always

Having an oily complexion makes it easier for makeup to stay in place.

You should at least use an oil-free, anti-shine primer to your oiliest regions (such as your forehead, nose, and chin). Apply it after cleansing your face but before applying foundation, powder, or any other cosmetics.

Prepare your eyes

Avoid prepping your lids with concealer, as many women with dark circles or redness do, to reduce eye makeup creasing.

Use an eyelid-specific primer as an alternative. The base absorbs crease-causing oils throughout the day while providing the ideal canvas for eye makeup and liner.

Don’t use too much powder

Applying a lot of face powder seems like the appropriate move. But going too far could have the opposite effect by causing your pores to produce extra oil.

Only the shiny portions should be covered with powder. Utilize a matte transparent product to reduce shine on all skin tones.

If you accidentally apply too much powder, dab it off with a moist makeup sponge.

Keep blotting sheets on hand

If you are prone to oiliness, your makeup will shine by lunchtime no matter how beautiful and matte it seems in the morning.

Some blotting papers just lift the oil from your skin. Others scatter a small amount of powder to absorb the oil.

Instead of rubbing the paper on your skin, the secret to using blotting papers without removing all of your makeup is to press it where your skin is oily and then roll it off.

Avoid using oil

Invest in makeup items that are oil-free and noncomedogenic, which means they won’t clog your pores because your skin already produces more oil than you need. Foundation and blush are two such products.

Use glycolic acid-infused face cleansers and toners as well, which reduce extra oil. Salicylic acid is another useful acid to take into account utilizing.

Consider soft, not slick, skin

When it comes to morning use, gentler moisturizers that hydrate without being oily are preferable to those thick anti-aging treatments. Serum might be used. It is typically lighter.

Keep your sunscreen on hand and opt for an oil-free formulation. After applying it, pat a tissue lightly on your face to remove any excess before putting on your makeup base.

Cut back on extra oil

Use a treatment mask once or twice each week. The ideal products for oily skin types are those created with kaolin or bentonite clay since they naturally absorb oil and pollutants while soothing irritation.

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