How to Apply for National Identity Number (NIN) In 2021

How to Apply for National Identity Number (NIN) in 2021.NIN has been the trending topic in Nigeria for the past few weeks with so many Nigerians blank as to what NIN really is.

This article is going to explore everything you need to know about NIN from its usefulness to How to Apply for National Identity Number (NIN) In 2021.

What is a NIN & What Does NIN Stands For?

The abbreviated word NIN stands for National Identification Number (NIN) made up of 11 randomly chosen numbers rendered to anyone who is registered into the National Identity Database (NIDB)

Two persons can’t share a NIN number – It is assigned to just one person making it unique.

If there is a death case, the death certificate should be submitted to the commission and the NIN of the deceased is canceled.

The NIN is a medium that documents all cardinal records about an individual and also, it is used for Identification.

All citizens and legal residents in Nigeria, from age zero (birth) and above are eligible to enroll for their NINs.

As a citizen of Nigeria, you are given the privilege and eligible to enroll for the NIN even from the very day you were birthed.

How To Enrol For NIN?

Before you are successfully enrolled for the NIN, you have to provide the following information;

  • Your place of residence
  • Facial capturing (from your head to your shoulder)
  • They will have to capture your Ten (10) Fingerprints, and
  • Digital signing

This information will be used to cross check the existing information in the National Identity Database to confirm if they are correct.

It is paramount that you do your application on the NIMC Pre Enrolment Portal and follows accordingly the provided steps to apply for the National Identification Number (NIN).

Are you an applicant? And you need guidance and assistance on the Enrolment Form, please feel free to visit the Enrolment centre.

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There, you will be assisted by the Support Officer to fill in the correct information and provision of the required documents.

What are the Supporting Documents Needed for the Enrollment of the NINs

With your BVN, you can walk into any NIMC Enrollment Centre and begin with your registration if you have any of the following listed documents below:

  • Voter’s Card (Temporal or Permanent)
  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Old National ID Card
  • Attestation Letter from a Religion/ Important ruler in your community
  • NHIS ID card
  • Valid immigration documents
  • Government staff ID card
  • Age Declaration
  • Tax Clearance certificate
  • Nigerian International passport
  • Registered/recognized private organization staff ID card
  • Private or Public School I.D
  • Certificate of Origin

How to Apply for National Identity Number (NIN) In 2021

Steps for NIN Enrollment

1. Visit NIMC online platform to fill up the pre-enrolment form, download and also print the Pre-enrollment slip 

  • Visit the NIMC online portal and fill up the NIMC Pre Enrolment
  • Note: you are not to ignore any mandatory field. Fill all information correctly
  • Proceed to print and download your Pre Enrolment Slip.

2. Submission of Application

  • After you are done with step one above, you can go to any NIMC Registration Centre nearer to you with any of the listed original supporting documents.
  • While you are in the Enrollment Centre, you should ask for the Enrollment Officer’s Counter and there, the Enrollment Officer will attend to you and verify your documents.
  • Once your documents have been verified, the Enrollment Officer will capture your biometric (the ten fingerprint and facial image)
  • You will be given a Transaction ID Slip as a shred of evidence that made a transaction.

Please Note That:

  • As an Applicant, you can come along with a literate if you can not read or write to help In filling your form
  • All minor applicants should come together with their parents to fill their forms
  • Minors are to bring along their original birth certificate and the NIN of one of their parents.

3: Issuance of NIN

  • After you are done with step 1 & 2, you will have to wait for 2 to 3 working days to get your National Identification Number (NIN) Slip counting from the very day you captured your biometric details at the enrollment centre.
  • Even if the average time for collecting your National Identification Number (NIN) Slip is 2 to 3 working days, it may take longer than that because of the validation of details at NIMC. (The VFS can’t accelerate the process)
  • The Transaction ID Slip which stands as evidence should be properly kept by the applicant as it will be required at the time of collecting of NIN Slip which indicates that you have completed your enrollment.

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