How To Achieve Soap Brow Look

You might have seen lots of celebrities rocking full and well-placed brows and you wonder what this really is or you might have been hearing of soap brows but don’t know what they are and how to achieve them if that’s the case then you are about to find out about this look everyone is wearing.

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What Are Soap Brows?

soap brows are characterized by feathery, brushed-up brows that look rich and fluffy. It takes only two, maybe three makeup products to accomplish and only takes a few minutes.

These brows were not really popular before but after it was seen on celebrities it was quickly replicated on social media (TikTok) and since then it has been trending.

While hard soap and a spoolie were used in the beginning, businesses have since developed hard gels, specialized eyebrow brushes, and other products that achieve the same effects.

How To Achieve Soap Brow Look

Put Your Soap to Work or Plunge Into the Gel

Get the soap just a tiny bit wet to activate it if you intend to use it. Use the spoolie or brush to transfer the formula from the tin or spatula onto the cap if you intend to use a brow gel or wax. You won’t need much product, so use caution because too much will leave an obvious residue on your eyebrows.

Run the Product Through Your Brows

Make sure your brows and the surrounding region are clean and dry before applying any makeup. Start with a tiny quantity of the product. Moreover, make sure to frequently clean your applicator or spoolie to prevent the transfer of old products and interference with your appearance.

Apply the soap or product sparingly to your brows by dipping the spoolie or eyebrow brush into it. Brush the brow hairs upward, swiftly work the substance into the desired form, and secure the brow by pressing the hairs firmly into the skin.

Finish Up

You have two options for finishing: leaving your brows as-is or going the additional mile to fill in any sparse areas.

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