How Long Does Nail Polish Last

If your nail polish no longer glows when you add a layer to your nail, it may be time to browse through your numerous nail polish collections.

Finding out whether your nail polish is still in good condition might be challenging due to the overwhelming amount of information about nail lacquer and its shelf life available online.

We put in the effort and gathered all the available data on how long nail polish lasts and when it should be thrown out.

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What is the nail polish’s shelf life?

There is no set expiration date for lacquers. Consumers do not know how long nail polish typically lasts without this expiration date.

Because the FDA has not established a specific shelf life for nail polish, the producers must set an appropriate date. The PAO (Period After Opening) enters the picture in this situation.

The PAO of a product will either be printed on the bottle of nail polish or on the box. There will be a letter and a number on the PAO sign.

For example, 12M will stand for twelve months. This figure indicates the amount of time that the varnish has been proven to be secure for usage after being opened.

According to the general rule, unopened varnish can last 18 to 24 months when stored safely, whereas gel nail polish can last 24 to 36 months.

After two years, some people claim you may keep the nail polish for a little while longer, but only if you keep the polish stored in a cool, dark place.

Any indications that the varnish is degrading must be carefully observed.

Why Does Nail Polish Fade Over Time?

Ingredients in nail polish often consist of stable, inherently antibacterial chemicals.

That stated, if nail polish is not used for an extended period of time, the combination settles and separates. Reviews of the longest-lasting nail polish are also available.

How To Recognize An Old Nail Polish

The methods for determining whether your varnish is still useful are described in this section.

Your polish is no longer blending as easily

You can throw your polish in the trash if it still does not combine after a brief shake.

Your polish smells unpleasant and is getting harder

The text has said that nail polish contains stable chemicals. Yet just like paint, nail polish can harden and separate if it isn’t used or swirled.

The colour may alter or it may begin to smell terrible as it separates or thickens. You can discard it in the garbage if that is the case.

Examine the texture to see if your varnish is defective. It will have a thick, clumpy consistency.

The application of a newer texture will be easier than applying a smooth and even coat.

In essence, it gets harder to combine the elements as they clump together.

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