How Can Acupuncture Reverse Aging In The Skin

The human decision to slow down the effects of ageing can take many different forms. Acupuncture within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system may be a treatment option to consider if you’re looking for a holistic method of treating wrinkles, especially if you’re willing to investigate the connections between general health, way of life, and appearance.

The practice of acupuncture is well known for improving the flow of chi, or the current of energy that travels through the body via channels known as meridians. Even though acupuncture has been practised for centuries in Eastern medicine, western medicine has long shunned it as an “alternative” therapy. Acupuncture is now, however, regarded by individuals from many cultural backgrounds as an integrative approach to health and wellness.

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What It Does

Facial rejuvenation, or facial acupuncture, stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin from within. Elastin and collagen both help to tighten and hydrate the skin.

Cells called fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin, stop working as energetically as they once did as we get older.

In a study published in 2019, it was shown that collagen, a significant part of the extracellular matrix (ECM), “becomes fragmented and coarsely dispersed, and its total amount declines. The study also shows that as skin ages, its elastic fibres weaken.

The appearance of ageing features like wrinkles and decreased suppleness is caused by a decrease in the levels of functioning dermal components like collagen and elastin.


With facial rejuvenation, you can reduce inflammation by enhancing circulation while also promoting the body’s chi flow.

As a result, there is a chance that the facial muscles that start to strain with ageing—or the “edges and ridges that fit along the cheekbones”—will be restructured.

Additionally, because you’re addressing the energy flow in your body, in addition to the fine lines and wrinkles fading, you’ll also receive a body treatment that will balance and improve your blood and energy flow. Depending on the person’s age and the type of wrinkles, the change you notice in the face does last.

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