Hair Hack To Get Quick Hair Volume

If you have fine, thin, or thinning hair, it may seem downright impossible to get a glamorously full head of hair, but there are a few quick tips and tactics you can use to rapidly add volume. In fact, you might be shocked by the amount of volume you can produce.

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Hair Hack To Get Quick Hair Volume

Texturizing Powder

Don’t undervalue the texturizing powder’s ability to add volume! This practical hair care item not only improves grip for hairstyles but also adds lift and volume.

Hold your roots up and mist the powder at the root’s base beginning at the crown. Repeat as necessary to get the desired amount in your hair, then use your fingers to gently work it in. Afterwards, you can either leave your hair natural or style it. In either case, using this method results in slightly gritty hair at the root, allowing you to re-puff your hair as necessary.

Scalp/Root Concealer

Your hair may appear thin as a result of an exposed scalp or grey roots, which give the appearance of a wider scalp. With very little work on your part, you can tackle both with a root concealer, scalp foundation, or coloured dry shampoo.

Completely brush and fluff your hair, then perform your best hair flip and a little upside-down blow-drying. Spray the crown next while adhering to the portion line. Any grey hair and any sparseness in the crown disappear as a result.

Finish with your preferred hairspray for immediately fuller-looking hair that will last all night. You can also experiment with powders and sponge-on items.

Dry and Damp

Try this approach to add volume quickly to already dry hair. To lightly dampen the hair, use a mister water bottle to spray the hairline and the roots on the crown of the head.

Then, using a forward motion or a blow-dryer brush that lifts the hair from the scalp, blow-dry the hair on high heat until it is totally dry. All that’s left to do is blow some cool air into it.

Velcro Rollers

After blow-drying, use several velcro rollers to further increase volume. Each portion should be blow-dried, then wrapped in velcro rollers and allowed to cool for 15 minutes before removing them.

Elegant Ponytail

Here’s an easy trick to give your ponytail the appearance of having twice as much hair. Just below your ears, separate your hair into two portions using two elastics.

Create a little half-ponytail at the crown, then divide the bottom portion vertically. Just above the last small pony, pull both pieces up into it. Due to this, fine hair seems twice as full. Additionally, it reduces stress, which is crucial for hair that is fine or thinning.

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