Habits to Practice Weekly For a Cleaner House

Nothing compares to returning home to a tidied house. If your house always felt this way, wouldn’t that be nice? There are weekly habits you can form for a generally cleaner home, even though you most likely don’t have time for a weekly deep clean (really, who does?). Your home will feel better overall even if you only incorporate one or two of these to-dos into your daily routine. See which weekly cleaning jobs are most doable for your lifestyle by reading on.

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Habits to Practice Weekly For a Cleaner House

Clear the clutter

Weekly decluttering sessions that are manageable in size are an efficient method to get your house tidy. “Decluttering transforms the game,” “With kids, things can get messy quickly, but regularly putting things back in their places helps keep the chaos at bay.”

To help you maintain a routine, creating a schedule is also beneficial. For instance, aim to tidy your mudroom on the third Sunday of the month and your pantry on the first Friday of each month.

Naturally, you should declutter as you go. For instance, there may be other items in your medicine cabinet that need to be thrown out if you discover that your aspirin and Neosporin have expired. Now, just take five minutes to go through your supplies.

Mop Hard Surfaces

Although mopping isn’t particularly enjoyable, Lake informs me that it’s essential to maintain a clean and hygienic home, particularly if there are young children or infants present. It is crucial to mop hard surfaces, such as the flooring in our bathrooms and kitchens. My girls are constantly running about, so I want to make sure these places are safe and sanitary for them.

Implementing a “no outdoor shoes inside” policy will help you maintain your work.

Change Bed Linens

Although changing the bedding can seem like a lot of work, developing a regular regimen can help. Weekly bed linen changes are a habit that has enhanced our home’s general freshness and helped us sleep better. Nothing compares to climbing into a bed with freshly laundered linens.

Vacuuming and Dusting

Weekly vacuuming and dusting are necessary. Particularly on furniture and in places with lots of traffic. Cleaning is important, but it also prolongs the life of your floors and carpets.

Consider getting a robot vacuum if you don’t have time to vacuum. You can save a ton of time and energy by running it every night. Dusting and vacuuming can also improve the fragrance of your house.

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