Fashion Socks – Must haves

Socks are garments worn on the foot mostly made with wool, cotton, and nylon materials. They are an important part of the uniform for school kids but now socks is another form of fashion that is trending.

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Fashion sock either belong short depending on the outfit you are wearing plus they can be worn with different shoes including heels.

Men prefer to wear their socks with shoes like sneakers, shoe slides, and even palm slippers, socks are also a part of official dressing for men since they are to be with shoes.

Ladies mostly love the long socks that sometimes come in form of net designs which look perfect when they wear short dresses.

When rocking your socks ensure that the color of your socks fits into the color of your outfit, if you are not sure of the perfect color to use you can go for colors like white and black.

Dirty socks can bring bacterial to your feet if you keep using them, to prevent that from happening you such wash them after daily use and dry them in the sun. Ensure your sock are completely dry before you put them cause they can ruin your shoes or make them smell.


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