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Are you here because you are looking for an article on selling items on Facebook marketplace? Or have you tried using the Facebook marketplace community to buy and sell items but don’t really know how to go about it? Here is a Facebook post that teaches all you need to know about selling on Facebook marketplace fast and immediately.

Facebook marketplace is an online marketplace platform designed and owned by Facebook. Buying things on the Marketplace is pretty easy. To get there, every Facebook user who can access the free marketing platform can look for the Marketplace icon in the Facebook app or visit facebook.com/marketplace.

From there you will be able to browse listings that interest you. You can adjust the listings that appear by sorting by distance, date listed, or category. You can also use the search box to locate exactly what you are searching for.

You will see more information about each listing when you click on it. There is also an option for you to save the listing for later or message the seller directly through Messenger on most listings so you do not have to give out your phone number or personal email address. You can also click through the seller’s profile to learn more about them and see their seller ratings.

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The marketplace is not only a destination to buy and sell things alone, the Facebook marketplace is also a great platform to locate items that other people in your local community are giving away for free. To access free stuff readily available on Marketplace, all you need to do is to select the “Only show free listings” filter. A lot of neighborhoods also have “Buy nothing” groups where people give away things to other people in their community. You can search for that on Facebook to check if there are any near you.

How to Locate Marketplace Facebook

As a seller on marketplace platform, you are expected to provide the detail of the items you want to sell so people around you (buyers) can locate you.

This platform is designed in a way that only buyers and sellers who stay near one another can transact.

This is how advanced Facebook Marketplace is at the moment. This enables transacting to be carried out safely and easier. Do not worry about struggling to get buyers.

When once a buyer visits the online marketing place, and he or she develops an interest in your item, you the seller are quickly notified.

The rest has to do with the bargain between you and the buyer.

To find the Marketplace Facebook just follow these steps:

  • Log in your Facebook Account using your FB App`
  • Click on the Shop front Icon locate on your Newsfeed

How to Buy in the Marketplace Facebook

Here are the guidelines for buying on Facebook Marketplace:

  • First off, you will need to visit facebook.com on your browser and login your account by supplying your login credentials and then click on the login button
  • Next, locate and click on the Facebook Marketplace icon
  • Select the item you desire to purchase
  • Now, locate and click “MESSAGE”
  • Finally, send the seller a message for purchase

How to Sell in the Marketplace Facebook

If you are interested in selling anything on facebook marketplace, all you need to do is to find and click the “Sell Something” button and then click “Item for Sale”.

Finally, input all the required details of the product and place it under a category.

That is it on Facebook Marketplace Community – Selling Things on Facebook Marketplace. Kindly share!!!

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