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In today’s post, we are going to be discussing Facebook dating app for singles. Here, you will see how to use Facebook dating feature for online dating.

Facebook free Dating Online is a new and interesting feature developed by Facebook to enable users to get dates on their platform. It is customized as a feature on the platform and will increase the rate of connectivity on Facebook. This has already been launched in Columbia, Thailand, and Canada. That means that FB is giving dating sites like Tinder, eHarmony, and the rest of them a run for their money.

We are all aware that peradventure there is one thing FB is good at, it is “ENGAGEMENT”. Interestingly, no other platform does it better than them. And having more people on their platform than any other platform is really a great advantage for people to get to meet lots of persons and kick start dating.

Facebook Dating Online Features

Without you worrying Facebook is not really in competition with anybody, they are a Social Networking Service and that’s what they do. The Facebook Dating feature consists of the following;

  • It provides you better information about partners.
  • Enables you in getting a good partner.
  • You will need to activate the feature before you can be seen by others who also have.
  • You get to choose who sees you (privacy guaranteed).
  • On the facebook dating platform. no transgender or a binary option is allowed.
  • Matching takes place in accordance with the information Facebook has about you.
  • Unlocking events for dating (events you are taking part in).
  • You get to chat with your match on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp instead of swiping)

* Reviewing profiles of other users a second time is allowed (Most dating sites do not let you do that).

Facebook wants users to enjoy the experience and still be safe, thus, there is a limit to the number of persons you can show interest in. You are in addition allowed to block people on Facebook Dating (They will not be blocked on the Facebook platform). Expressing your true self is what Facebook wants from users when setting up their profiles.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating is not an app like other dating sites have. It is a feature customized to display in the main Facebook App. Facebook is very interested in people staying on their platform thus, having a dating app is not an option.

The Facebook dating app is readily available. However, the feature is not yet available in all the nations of the world. If you follow the below guide on accessing facebook dating app but don’t see the dating button, it might be that the feature is yet to be available in your location.

How To Access FACEBOOK Dating App

  1. Login your facebook app
  2. Next, locate either at the top right corner or at the bottom right of the facebook app and tap on the three lines icon
  3. Now, scroll down the page and tap dating. If you do not see the dating icon, tap on the see more button and then locate and tap dating
  4. Set up your profile by following the onscreen instructions and then start using the dating feature

That is how to get started with facebook dating app. It is that simple and easy.

That is it on Facebook Dating App For Singles – Facebook.com Dating. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!

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