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Everything You Should Know About Lip Piercing

This one pretty much speaks for itself: Lip piercings are a specific kind of body piercing that goes through your lips and/or the region just around them, such as your philtrum (the little groove that extends from your Cupid’s bow to the base of your nose). Depending on the “look” you’re going for, there are a ton of piercing styles to pick from, just as with ear piercings.

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What occurs when the lip is pierced?

All piercing types follow the same process. A professional piercer (this is not a DIY project, people) will hold a surgical clamp on the piercing site and then create the piercing hole with a hollow needle after marking the placement of your lip piercing with a skin-safe marker. The final stage is for the piercer to add your chosen jewellery, such as a gauge, stud, hoop, or ring.

How painful are lip piercings?

It’s difficult to predict how a lip piercing will feel for you due to all the variables at play, including “biology, anatomical variables, location, procedure, speed, quality of materials, etc.

This will probably hurt a little, bb, but the exact pain level varies from person to person. It involves a lot more than just your own pain threshold.

If it’s any comfort, however, “lip piercings typically tend to be pretty simple. However, he considers lip piercings to be a pretty low-intensity issue, pointing out that those with bigger lips may have more inflammation during the healing phase, which can be irritating.

But since pain is so uniquely personal, you won’t know unless you try.

How long does it take for lip piercings to heal?

Usually two to four months, but occasionally up to six, are required for piercings to heal. There are several variables that might affect how long healing may take, particularly when taking into account each person’s “aftercare, personal health, and diet.”

The healing process depends on the piercing’s ability to re-epithelialize, which must occur within the first several weeks of obtaining it (i.e., create scar tissue to seal the literal hole in your lip and protect it from bacteria). Therefore, aftercare is crucial.

How should a lip piercing be cleaned?

All you need is a sterile saline solution to clean your lip piercing while it is healing.

Saline washes, a straightforward solution of sea salt and distilled water, are excellent for cleaning crusts or dirt from fresh piercings. (And no, don’t try to do this yourself; sterility is essential!)

Simply spray it for five seconds immediately onto your piercing, let it air dry, or gently pat it dry with a clean paper towel.

Products like cotton pads and cloth towels should be avoided since they might catch and leave behind tiny fibres.

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