Different Types Of Zips You Can Use – fashion

Zips or zippers are used to close and open clothes, bags, and sometimes purses they are commonly four types of zips which are nylon coil zip, plastic moulded zip, metal zip, and invisible zip.

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Nylon coils zip – This zip is very strong and flexible that’s why it is mostly used for luggage like bags, backpacks, suitcases, and strong jackets. This zip is the reason you can overload your bag and still zip it up plus they are easy to fix back.



Plastic moulded zip – This one is made from acetal polymer plastic and has symmetrical teeth that interlock together. it is also a strong zip that can be used on clothes but it is very difficult to fix when broken or damaged.



Metal zip – This zip is more durable and also very strong cause they can withstand being washed many times they are on leather materials and also jeans trousers.



Invisible zip – As the name implies this zip can disappear while on your cloth cause they are hardly noticeable making them perfect for clothes.


We also have continuous zips that have no end or beginning you can cut them from any point you wish and the separating zip that can separate completely.

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