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Captivating Television Series On Netflix

It is indeed very difficult to contest that our lives would not have been similar to what we are experiencing right now if Netflix wasn’t there. The moment we get back from our offices, we switch it on and start watching the preferred episodes of our best-loved television shows.

Whether we are tending to our pets, washing dishes, or ironing our shirts, having Netflix on seems like reality all the time.

On the flip side, during a time when we have someone over at our place, we also fall back to Netflix for entertainment purposes. Feeling left out because you have never taken advantage of the marvel that is Netflix?

Trust us when we say that there is no need for experiencing a fear of missing out (FOMO) as you still have all the time in the world to subscribe to Netflix and garner pleasure from it.

An Introduction To Netflix

Wikipedia describes the streaming platform as a “subscription streaming service and production company.” Once a person has subscribed to Netflix, that person is immediately given access to an extensive television show and movie library. To tell you the truth, the library is so extensive that there are roundabout two thousand television series and four thousand movies.

These movies and shows are not only made in the United States of America and are in English but they are shot all over the world and in various languages. This is all why Netflix is ranked among the leading streaming platforms on Planet Earth. Now that we think about it though, it might actually be the most famous streaming service of its kind.

After all, as many as two hundred million people have subscribed to it. Considering the pace at which the internet and other kinds of technology are spreading to more and more folks, we can expect that number to increase even more.

We will be detailing, in this piece, all the shows we believe are must-watches. Nonetheless, at this point in the article, we feel the need to mention something of great significance to your Netflix viewing experience.

An Important Tangent

Your Netflix viewing experience will be completely destroyed if you do not have a quality internet connection. This is because all the movies and shows on the streaming platform come in high definition.

If you are currently not a subscriber to a quality internet connection or are not connected at all, here is what we recommend: subscribe to Xfinity internet plans right now. This internet service provision brand reliably delivers high-speed internet. The best part is the fact that these packages are not even that expensive.

Captivating Television Series On Netflix

That said, we believe it is high time that we start telling you about the shows we believe are most worth your time.

Archive 81

Are you a fan of sci-fi-type television shows? Well, in that case, you are just on the perfect page. This is because we will be introducing you to one of the major sci-fi shows of our time – Archive 81. Set in the hustle and bustle of the marvel of a city called New York, the series revolves around an archivist – Dan Turner – who has been tasked to bring a collection of old tapes back to life.

All this eventually makes him encounter a cult. Alongside, he faces a mystery regarding a professional who might or might not be deceased. As this show was only released this year, you may not have yet seen it even in the case that you are an avid Netflix watcher.


The second season of the captivating series, Bridgerton, is out on Netflix as of now. It is set in the United Kingdom’s Regency Era and is just what you desire if you are in search of a television show that warms your heart by showcasing themes of love.

Bridgerton has received huge successes in the past as it has now reached the milestone of being viewed in eighty million households. Perhaps, more important than that is the fact that the series has been ranked by Netflix as the second-most-watched show on its platform as far as total watch time is concerned.


For now, this is it. Once you watch the two shows mentioned above, come back to our website for more awesome recommendations!

Captivating Television Series On Netflix



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