Can Sugar Be Used As Face Scrub

Sugar scrubs are a luxurious method of exfoliation. An element of ritual in your beauty practice is evoked by sugar scrubs, from their distinctive perfume to their luxurious texture. Yet given that, you’re probably employing them incorrectly. Here, a dermatologist and an aesthetician discuss the proper technique to apply a sugar scrub and dispel any myths about its safety for your face, lips, and body.

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How Do Sugar Scrubs Work?

A sugar scrub exfoliates the skin manually and physically. Chemical and physical exfoliation is the two methods available for the task. Glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acids are some of the chemicals in chemical exfoliators, which are used to unclog pores and smooth out the skin. Physical exfoliators (such as sugar scrubs) work by buffing away dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover1 without (ideally) making your skin raw or irritated.

Is It Safe For Your Face?

Simply put, no. Despite the fact that sugar scrubs for the face are available. The components in body sugar scrubs and face sugar scrubs are identical “The quantity of grit and particles is more important. The particles in a body scrub will be larger than those in a face scrub.

I wouldn’t suggest using a sugar scrub on the face because I believe people would benefit more from using a washcloth or a little chemical exfoliation.

Yet, even tiny particles can hurt delicate facial tissue, making sugar washes for the face less than ideal “They may irritate and lightly scratch the skin.

Is It Safe For Your Lips?

Yet, a sugar scrub’s joys will work their magic on lips. We don’t give our lips enough respect or attention for everything that they perform for us. In actuality, due to their decreased density of oil glands and everyday contact with saliva containing alpha-amylase, our lips are predisposed to becoming dry and chapped (a digestive enzyme that can break down skin). ” Also, since lips are always exposed, they “take a hammering from the heat, wind, cold, and sun.

Use a sugar scrub once a week to gently exfoliate lips to help them mend and become softer. Stop immediately since you are over-exfoliating if your lips feel raw.

Is Your Body Protected From It?

Body exfoliation with a sugar scrub is completely safe and offers a ton of therapeutic benefits. Breaking down and eliminating dead skin cells from the top layers of skin to reveal healthy skin cells (and skin texture) beneath are some of the advantages of exfoliating your body.

Healthy cells that are moisturized and hydrated may even result in skin that is smoother. For a healthy glow, “stimulating and enhancing blood circulation” with a sugar scrub is perfect.

Both manual and chemical exfoliation methods—brown sugar and glycolic acid—increase cellular turnover and maintain youthful, smooth skin.

Should You Exfoliate Frequently?

For optimal results, use a sugar scrub on towel-dried skin after a bath. Circularly massage the scrub into your skin using your hands. In addition to improving circulation and skin tone, self-massage techniques also aid to lower stress and anxiety.

If you are unable to include this extra step in your bathing routine, an in-shower technique still works. Employ a sugar scrub the size of a quarter, or if your skin is really delicate, consider a body polish, which contains finer granules and is milder.

For sensitive skin, we advise exfoliating once to twice per week, once to three times per week for regular skin, and four to six times per week for oily skin.

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