Can Sparkling Water Reduce Frizz

To reduce frizz and strengthen hair, more and more individuals are washing it in sparkling water. The high mineral content, commonly referred to as “hard water,” that builds up in your hair strands is allegedly broken down by the bubbles in carbonated water. According to the trend, the hair will have more body and movement with just one wash. But one crucial issue is left unaddressed: What causes frizz?

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Why Do You Have Frizzy Hair?

Did you realize that our hair cuticles resemble fish scales up close? They lay flat and smoothly when they are in good health. The moisture that keeps the hair smooth and lustrous escapes when the cuticles of the hair shaft open due to drying.

Water from the air enters the hair shaft during this process, causing it to swell and become frizzy.

It’s also possible that your natural hair is merely frizzy. Due to the form of the shaft, naturally, curly hair does not retain moisture from the scalp. But even if you have straight hair, it can still get frizzy.

The cuticles can also be opened by intense heat and excessive humidity, which might come from your surroundings, the water temperature in your shower, or hairstyle methods.

Hard water’s high mineral concentration can also seep into the hair strands and crystallize when the hair dries. The inability of moisture to enter or exit the hair causes it to become brittle, frizzy, and more prone to tangling. Additionally, they can accumulate over time and result in other issues including a dry scalp.

It might also be the result of experimenting with various hairstyles without sealing the hair shaft. Chemicals that dehydrate the hair are used in processes like hair colouring and texture-altering procedures like perms and hair straightening.

It might also be something you use regularly. The shampoo or hair products you use may include alcohol. Although it means the product absorbs right away, it can also cause hair to become drier and puff out under high humidity.

Can Sparkling Water Reduce Frizz

It’s safe to wash your hair with sparkling water. However, it also has no positive effects. Using a brand that is overly sweet and flavorful will simply make you sticky and necessitate a thorough cleanse.

It’s true that getting easy-to-manage hair starts in the shower, but that doesn’t mean you should dump carbonated water down the sink to achieve that.

To transform hard water with a high mineral concentration into soft water, add a filter to your shower. If you have a hard water issue at home, making this simple adjustment will help your frizzy hair and even your skin.

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