Best Ways To Add Style Behind Your Bed With Curtains

It’s not merely practical to have curtains behind your bed for privacy. If that was all they were good for, you could always get blinds. In addition to complementing your bedding, curtains give your room a lovely, dreamy texture and imitate the style of a headboard.

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Best Ways To Add Style Behind Your Bed With Curtains

Hang the Curtains High and Wide

The use of curtains in your bedroom is a terrific method to make a tiny window appear larger. Stretch them out a few feet wider than the window and hang them to the ceiling. You won’t be obstructing any natural light if you position your bed in front of the section of the curtain that covers the wall.

Match Your Headboard to Your Curtains

It’s a good idea to harmonize the colours of your curtains with your headboard so that they don’t clash because they will be directly next to it. Bring in a fabric swatch of your curtains for colour analysis, and consider having a custom colour-match paint made for your headboard.

Hide Your Sconce Wiring

Another purpose for a curtain behind a bed is to conceal the wiring for sconces. For a no-sew option, you can tuck the sconce’s cord between two panels or slip it through a gap in the curtain.

Use Curtain Drawback Hooks

It is true that placing your bed in front of your window partially blocks natural light. Use drawback hooks to expose the windows as much as possible to let in more natural light.

Place Your Bed Before a Single Panel

If your window is at the ideal location for your bed, think about positioning your bed so that it is off-centre from the window to maximize natural light. Just one of the curtain panels, which will already be obstructing some natural light, is suitable for placing your bed in front of it.

Create Drama Without a Window

You may achieve a royal core aesthetic by adding curtains behind your bed, even if it’s not facing a window. Just hang your curtains normally, then top them with a valance.

Don’t Hide Your Crown Molding

Be careful to hang the curtain directly beneath any crown molding in your bedroom, or a few inches below if you want to install some later. This also holds for curtains that are hung on windows.

Create a Double Headboard Look

When a valance is added on top, a window can genuinely resemble a headboard. Choosing a tall headboard for your bed will give the impression that it has two headboards.

Pair With a Low or No Headboard

You may get by without a headboard altogether if you have a window with curtains because they give the appearance of one on their own.

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