Best Way To Flatten a Rug

It can take a lot of time and effort to discover the ideal area rug that defines a sitting area, brings color to a room, or links numerous design components; once you’ve found one, all you need to do is unfold it and enjoy. Sadly, straggling corners and edges can take away from the enjoyment. When rugs resist flattening, they can cause trips and falls, interfere with the functionality of robot vacuums, and leave your floors vulnerable to spills, dings, and scratches. Thus, how should a rug be flattened? Here are some helpful hints for every area rug, ranging from weighing it down to hiring pros.

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Best Way To Flatten a Rug

Let It Rest

After being unrolled, a rug’s fibers frequently only require time to relax, particularly if it has been in its packaging for a while—for example, while it was being transported from a warehouse to your front door. If the rug’s edges curl upward, place it on a level, hard surface and gently tuck the edges under. Allow the fibers in the rug to expand by leaving it alone for a few days.

Flip It Over

Turn the area rug over and let gravity take its course if the edges are curving under. Once it’s flipped, you may aid train them by curling the corners under to expedite the process. Curling the corners should work wonders for a fluffy rug. The area rug can be rolled in the opposite manner, with the backing facing out, and secured with twine or a belt if it still won’t lay flat. Reversing the rug’s curl pattern requires a few days of leaving it in this state.

Weight It Down

Use the tried-and-true technique of weighting down the rug’s edges if these maneuvers are ineffective. To help push the fibers to flatten down, heavy items like books, furniture, or moving boxes are excellent.

Put Some Heat In

The best way to flatten wrinkles in your area rug from folding is to use heat. There are several heat-related techniques you might employ. Try placing the area rug in direct sunlight on a sunny day. Any creases or wrinkles will be helped to disappear by the heat from the sun and the asphalt or concrete underneath. If you want to use the reverse roll approach, place the roll outside in the sun so that the heat will hasten the process of flattening.

Try flattening a rug with a clothes iron or a hair dryer if you don’t have a clean outdoor space. In order to avoid damage, both approaches depend on the appliances being kept in motion. To assist in eliminating wrinkles, turn on the hair drier to a low heat setting, hold it 6 to 9 inches away from the rug’s back, and keep sweeping over the fibers.

Speak with an Expert

In situations involving pricey, fragile, or vintage rugs, it may be best to hire an expert. To eliminate creases and smooth the edges, they can stretch the rug or apply steam to the fibers.

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