Best Upcoming Foldable Phones 2024 You Need To Know

In this article, you will find the best upcoming foldable phones of 2024 you can buy. Flexible and foldable displays offer far better usability and productivity as the first crop of foldable phones aims for. However, these are still at nascent stages of emerging technology and might take a few more iterations to bring down the exorbitantly high entry price and become more mainstream.

Best Upcoming Foldable Phones You Buy 2024

Here are the best upcoming foldable phones you need to know:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold E
  • Oppo folding phone
  • Honor Magic 3
  • Oppo X concept

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

A lot has been said about the next Galaxy Z Fold, expected to be the Fold 3. There’s speculation that it could debut the awaited AMD GPU that we know Samsung has been working on. It’s said that there will be a slightly smaller display, offering 120Hz, perhaps supporting S Pen input.

It’s thought that the Z Fold 3 is going to be the true flagship for Samsung with a large folding event expected in June or July 2022.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

With the original Z Flip getting a 5G update, it’s thought that the next model will jump to Z Flip 3 so that the numbers align with the Z Fold. It’s been suggested there could be two versions of the folding phone in 2023, perhaps resulting in a more affordable model to drive sales.

Little has been leaked about the new model, but it’s been suggested that there will be a July launch alongside the Z Fold 3.

Samsung Galaxy Fold E

Rumors of a cheaper folding phone have been circulating for some time, right back into early 2020. At the time, a folding phone with a smaller external display and lower grade hardware was suggested, the idea being to get folding devices at a more affordable price to help adoption. The trail on this device has grown a little cold now: will there be a cheaper Z Fold, or will Samsung just drive people towards the cheaper Z Flip instead?

Oppo folding phone

One of the best upcoming Foldable PhonesOppo has shown off a number of folding phones, including an out-folding device in 2019, but it’s now thought that Oppo will be bringing a clamshell device to market in 2021. Not a lot has been said about this phone, except that it will use a Samsung Display panel that measures 7.7-inches – which is large for this type of device. Not a lot to go on here, but the company is obviously keen to enter this segment of the market.

Honor Magic 3

Now that Honor has separated from Huawei, it potentially has more freedom to do whatever it likes. That might include a folding phone. We’ve cheekily called it the Honor Magic 3 because we can’t see Honor making a sliding phone when folding is clearly the direction to be moving it. Little has been said, aside from the loose suggestion that Honor is interested in making something folding.

Oppo X concept

While not strictly a folding phone, Oppo has shown off the Oppo X, a phone with a rollable display, so that it can expand. This was first showcased at Inno Day in November 2020, before being highlighted again at MWC Shanghai in 2021. It allows a 6.7-inch device to expand to 7.4 inches.

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