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Best Oils To Use For Massage – fashion

Aromatherapy massages, whether blended with massage oils or diffused, have been shown to be more effective than massages without them. Essential oils have been shown in tests to help with menopausal symptoms, as well as the pain of menstrual cramps and other diseases.

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There are dozens of essential oils, not to mention other mixtures, that can provide a variety of health benefits. This essential oil primer might help you improve your massage service.

Best Oils To Use For Massage


This rare oil has been prized since antiquity and is frequently used for grounding and relaxation. This oil goes nicely with lavender, but it also has a distinct perfume that may be savoured on its own.

It can deepen breathing, relieve coughs, and even has anti-inflammatory and antidepressant qualities if you’re feeling under the weather. Request frankincense at your next massage if you want to reduce tension and anxiety while also boosting your immune system.


Geranium, which is derived from the flower, is known for its body-relaxing and rejuvenating properties. During your massage, the wonderful flowery smell adds to the calming effect, sending you to a fresh garden.

Geranium is used as an astringent in traditional medicine to enhance circulation, relax and promote nervous system processes, and contract body tissue, giving you a healthier, more toned appearance.

So it’s obviously a wonderful match for a massage. This essential oil is very beneficial for female patients suffering from menstruation and menopausal symptoms.


Due to its fresh and sweet perfume that provides a relaxing environment, lavender is one of the most popular essential oils available.

It’s one of the most adaptable oils, and it’s adaptogenic or balancing oil, which means it helps the body do what it needs to accomplish.

It aids with stress adaptation, which is why it’s widely utilized in Atlanta spas. Lavender is also good for relieving pain, encouraging sleep, and increasing stamina and energy.


Coriander essential oil is a pleasant and warm essential oil that has a relaxing and soothing effect. It comes from the Cilantro plant.

This oil can also aid in the proper functioning of the digestive and circulatory systems. Some even feel it can assist ease muscle and throat spasms, which can lead to coughing. Inquire about coriander essential oil on your next visit to one of our Atlanta spas.


Bergamot has been used in Italy for hundreds of years to relieve stress and soothe the skin. It has a nice, spicy citrus perfume that is reminiscent of Earl Grey tea, as this flower contributes to the flavour of that tea.

It’s a multipurpose essential oil that can help cure depression, enhance mood, and alleviate nervous and sorrowful feelings. You’ll feel renewed and refreshed after an aromatherapy session because it has the capacity to be both uplifting and calming.

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