Benefits Of Calamansi On The Skin

A mainstay of Filipino cuisine, calamansi has captivated the hearts of beauty enthusiasts all over the world. It is a diminutive but potent citrus fruit that is high in calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

It can help you look better in addition to contributing to your overall health by increasing immunity and detoxifying the body. Don’t overlook this tiny skincare wonder! Here are four useful calamansi skin advantages.

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Benefits Of Calamansi On The Skin

It Exfoliates Mildly

Calamansi is a potent natural exfoliator because of its strong acidity (pH 2.4 and 5.52% citric acid, according to the 2018 International Food Research Journal). It can exfoliate dead skin cells and lighten blemishes when applied topically.

Although most skin types can safely use citric acid, you should exercise caution when applying calamansi juice to your skin. If your skin is delicate, avoid it. Alternately, pick items with calamansi as an ingredient that has been tried and true.

It Fights Inflammation

Calamansi has many advantages for the skin, including its ability to reduce inflammation. It can aid in the battle against free radicals that can harm healthy cells because it is a natural source of the antioxidant vitamin C. The collagen that keeps the skin smooth and firm can be broken down by these free radicals if they are not dealt with, which will lead to wrinkles, drooping, and dark patches.

It regulates oil

Calamansi is another all-natural toner that offers a variety of advantages. These include regulating the skin’s natural oils and avoiding the overproduction of sebum.

It functions as a component in clarifying and anti-acne creams by preventing oil from blocking pores. But keep in mind that calamansi juice may have negative effects on your skin. It is not suitable for everyone, and applying it to skin that is already sensitive might cause stinging, itching, and irritation.

It revitalizes skin cells

The ability of calamansi to revive skin cells and brighten a tired face is another reason why people adore it. In addition to shielding them from harm, the vitamin C in calamansi aids in promoting the development of fresh, healthy cells.

Additionally, it can actively contribute to the manufacture of collagen, which is necessary for skin that looks healthy.

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