Benefit Of Alma Oil For Hair

The fruit of the amla plant, also known as the “Indian gooseberry” or gooseberry, is used to make amla oil. The fruit itself can be used to make oil, or the dried fruit can be ground into a powder and added to cosmetics and hair care products.

Due to its abilities as a dependable hair tonic and a healing digestive agent, amla oil has retained its renown in Eastern medicine for millennia. Although it has been said to promote hair development, keep it healthy, and even stop greying, much more research is required to verify these claims.

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Benefit Of Alma Oil For Hair

Hair conditioner for dry hair

Extremely moisturizing are the amla plant’s juice and oil. Amla is extremely hydrating, according to Ogboru, and can aid in nourishing dry, brittle strands.

Preventing dandruff using antiseptics

Amla oil’s antimicrobial properties may assist to cure other scalp irritation conditions in addition to preventing the development of dandruff.

Strengthens hair

Amla oil is full of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals that support hydration and give shine and strength. Amla oil can help your hair develop stronger and healthier if you use it regularly.

Safeguards the hair follicle

The outermost layer of the hair shaft, known as the cuticle, shields the hair from environmental hazards such as extreme heat, dust, pollution, harsh water, and hairstyle methods. Antioxidant amla oil protects our hair from these different damaging outside influences.

Able to stop hair loss

The effectiveness of amla oil in encouraging hair development needs to be further studied, however, it can strengthen hair, which may assist to prevent breaking.

How To Use Alma Oil For Hair 

Use the oil as a remedy

After conducting a patch test, amla oil can be administered straight to the hair and scalp. The oil can then be either washed away or left in as a conditioning treatment.

Make a mask

Make a mixture of water or oil and amla powder, then evenly apply it on the scalp. To make sure the paste gets to your scalp’s skin, massage it into the roots of your hair. It is also advised to combine it with other Indian herbs like saffron, bhringraj, and turmeric to create a fantastic scalp treatment.

Use as a detangler before washing

Before shampooing, apply the oil to unclean hair. Make careful to detangle the hair thoroughly, and use the oil’s moisturizing properties to help. If you don’t have time to let it sit in your hair, heat and activate the oil briefly with a blow dryer before shampooing and taking a shower.

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